Today a little something for the ladies. I woke up this morning and hated my clothes. (do you have days like that) I realized a new season is coming and my clothes are boring. So I gutted my closet of at least a dozen tops that I am determined to refashion for the new season.
I saw this top at Anthropologie and a part of me fell in love with it.
So when I saw this not so lovely yellow and white number hanging in my closet I thought it was the anthro top just waiting to happen. Which is awesome since I bought this while I was pregnant so not only is it huge but well boring. 

So first I laid the shirt out so it folded down the center matching up the side seams. 

Then I cut off the yellow neck line. I also cut it with more a curve so instead of having the V neck it would have a curved neckline.

Then I cut up the side seam at the bottom of the shirt and cut a curved section out. I used that cut out piece then as the pattern for the piece of jersey I put in it’s place.

Next to get that collar part of the top I laid some fabric down and cut following the neckline and then I cut free hand the shape of the collar so I ended up with a shape like the pic above that fits just inside the neckline. 

I cut 4 of those pieces 2 for each side. They don’t have to meet in the middle since another piece goes there.

Then I cut out of some grey jersey I had laying around the tapered rectangle pieces for the neck. The neck line pieces and the side panel.

Here is a close up of the shapes for the neck. I cut them free hand but first cutting rectangles and then cutting in the angles, Cut 2 of each. For the neckline piece I cut the bottom edge to match the neckline and then I followed that line making the piece about 1 inch thick.

For the sewing first I sewed in the side panel by sewing right sides together then I top stitched along the front side.

for the collar pieces I sewed two of them together around all the edges except the neckline and then I turned it right side out. 

Pin the collar pieces to the top and stitch in place along the neck line and then around all the edges so the whole piece is secure

Then with the grey neckline I sewed the two of them together flipped it around and topstitched the edge. 

Then I pinned the raw edge of the grey neckline to the shirt’s neckline and sewed in place then I topstitched it as well.

Next I took my grey shapes sewed them to each other leaving a small opening turned them right side out and closed the opening. (this gives a nice finished look) Then I pined the first piece in the middle of the neck and sewed it in place around the edge.
Lastly I sewed the other piece on top. Added a few buttons. And that’s it. (I did also take in the sides and the arms a little since the shirt was a large and I don’t wear a large, But that just shows you, you can find any shirt any size and make it something cooler.)
Ok this was the best I could get for a self portrait on timer the pictures were all really blurry, sorry but you get the idea.