I am really excited about today’s top. I am actually jealous that I made one for my daughter first, but she looks so cute (and hip) in it that I will get over it. 
When I saw Mondo’s “day of the dead” top I fell in love. The screen print with all the embelishments… oh la la. Since I was working on a top to go with the pleather pants I made HERE, it was coming along but needed something extra, this was it. However “day of the dead” skull was maybe a bit much for my toddler, and although his cross (another top) was beautiful I don’t do crosses, so I went with an elephant. Very kid friendly but I knew I could add lots of pretty details to make it special.

Ok to start I followed a shirt that fits my daughter as my guide, as seen HERE and HERE if you need more details. So I cut 2 bodice pieces I cut the neckline as more of a shallow oval so it has a boatneck shape. Then 2 sleeve pieces, and I wanted cuffs on my shirt so I cut 2 rectangles the width of the sleeve and the length I wanted them (they will be folded) then I cut two necklines to line my neck. details on how to cut that HERE.
Really basic shapes. (you could also do all the embellishments I do on a store bought tee if you wanted to skip making your own top.
Ok first the sleeves. fold the sleeve and the cuff along the long side and sew along the straight edge. 

Then fold your cuff so the seam is on the inside.

Then with your sleeve right side out place it into the cuff so the raw edge meets sew them together and you have two sleeves with cuffs.
Then sew the two bodice pieces together at the shoulder and side seams. Then matching right sides together pin the sleeve in the arm opening. If your sleeve is a little larger than the opening like mine was you can add a little gather or pleat at the shoulder. Then sew it in place.

 Then for the back I added an exposed zipper. They are showing up a lot in fashion right now which is cool cause they add some interest and they are way easier then putting a zipper in. So I centered the zipper on the back of the shirt and sewed around the edge.

Then I opened the zipper and slit the fabric. So simple.
Then I sewed the neckline pieces together at the shoulder seams and sewed it to the right side of the neckline. (I cut the back piece in half to make up for the zipper) Then I turned it to the inside and top stitched it in place (sorry I don’t have more detailed pics of that step)
Now for the embellishments. Fist I made a freezer paper stencil (this is a great how-to) I just copied an image of an elephant off the computer and cut out the outline, painted it yellow pulled away the stencil and this is what I got.

Then I took tulip brand puffy paint and slick paint (it comes in what looks like a giant sized puffy paint bottle) with those paints I painted designs and dots to fill in the elephant.
Then for some more added interest and texture I added some embroidery floss. This is also where you could string some beads on some floss and tie them to the shirt to get the dangle look the Mondo’s shirt had, but since this is for a toddler I left the beads off.

Then you are done. It was the perfect top to go with her pleather leggings. Or jeans for a more casual look.
I love the zipper down the back it is that added pop of interest.
No matter how “cool” you look she was comfortable enough to run around and play some soccer.


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