Have you all seen the the cozys around? Coffee cup cozy, soda or ice cream cozy. Well how about the leg cozy? I am a big fan of legwarmers. I mean I LOVE them. Could be the fact that I grew up in the midwest and braved some mighty cold winters, so legwarmers were always there to keep me warm and cozy. I still love them now, and I love them for my daughter as well. I mean who doesn’t love a bundled up cozy little kid? So I made her a slightly different type of legwarmer. It’s a leg cozy, it wraps around and buttons closed to keep her nice and toasty. Want to make your own? Great! I did actually up load a pattern for this even though they are really easy to make they don’t need a pattern feel free to download it


adjust the size as needed.

To start I cut out the two pattern pieces. (I was using a really thick fabric so  I cut of the curve at the bottom since it didn’t lay quite right. Tomorrow I will show you another way that does use the curve)
Then I sewed buttons on one side. (the pattern shows three buttons but I only ended up using 2 since they are big) I also turned over the top edge but that is optional.
Then I sewed elastic forming loops on the other side.
Make sure you sew the buttons and loops on opposite sides for each leg.
That’s it. Ah, doesn’t the cozy furry fleece just look warm?
Wrap them around and button them in place and her little legs (or yours too) will stay nice and toasty all winter long