Free Patterns sewing for baby shoes

The Pleated Mary Jane

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  1. Cammie

    Thank you this is wonderful! I have a one year old who could use a couple extra pairs of soft sole shoes and I've been wanting a pattern. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  2. casserole

    These little baby shoes are SOOOO SWEET! I linked to your pattern &amp; tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:<br /><br /><br />–Anne

  3. a mom of many

    Came over after seeing these beauties at Craft Gossip on facebook. SO!! cute, great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  4. HoneyScrap

    Oh…my…goodness!!!!!!!! I am in love with these!! Just found out we are having another baby (we already have a girl)…and this makes me want another girl! SO cute! I am saving this incase we have another little lady to fill them:)

  5. Anonymous

    When I try and down load the pattern it installed a cookie onto my computer. and the pattern never downloaded ? whats up with that?

  6. Shwin W

    I am sorry that there was trouble with the pattern, I can download it just fine so I am not sure why you had trouble. sorry.

  7. [email protected]

    Oh my gosh these are so, SO cute! I&#39;m in love. Thanks so much, I&#39;ll be linking.

  8. Kelli

    This is so cute, I love them! I&#39;ve been wanting to make some baby shoes forever. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  9. Anonymous

    I made these today and they turned out super cute. thanks for the pattern; i have been looking for one like this. cant wait to make several pairs. One suggestion though; I don&#39;t see any place that you gave a seam allowance. I just used about a 1/4 inch, but going bigger or smaller really changes the fit of a shoe this tiny. <br /><br />Also, to Anon…I had trouble downloading the pattern

  10. Shwin W

    I really appreciate the feedback, and that everyone seems to like them so much. With the seam allowance there is a seam allowance included in the pattern that would be the solid line drawn just inside the outside of the pattern. (I know the whole this is pretty roughly drawn) Also with the sole the seam allowance is built in so the cut piece for 0-3 months should be 4.5 inches from heel to toe

  11. Jessica

    These are adorable! I love the cream bow button on the first pair and the felt rose flower on the pink ones. Very very cute!<br /><br />

  12. Anonymous

    Shwin,<br /><br />Ok, I traced the pattern off of my laptop screen because I don&#39;t have a printer, so looking back I see the seam allowance now. <br />Here is the pair I made, I love them.<br /><br /><br /><br />I can&#39;t wait to make the matching dress with my leftover fabric.

  13. Shwin W

    Oh so cute! I love the little flower you added! Thanks for sharing it is so fun to see what others come up with!

  14. Dollmaker Barb

    I also LOVE these little shoes. I put your link on my blog: [email protected]

  15. Jen @ lil Mop Top

    so cute!!! i cant wait to try them for my niece!

  16. Nike@ChooseToThrive

    THANK YOU!! I cannot tell you how awesome this is! Can&#39;t wait to get sewing – thanks!

  17. sue niven

    What a lovely pair of shoes, thank you so much, i have a niece about to have a baby and i would love to make these. Thanks again heaps

  18. Texana

    even with pop-up blocker disabled, I couldn&#39;t open the pattern file, but it re-routed me to a raunchy video that was almost impossible to back out of.<br /><br />I really want to make these sweet shoes and dress for my new granddaughter,,,can you help?<br /><br />Thamks

  19. Shwin W

    Texana, I am really sorry there seems to be some trouble in downloading the pattern, and even more sorry that is brought you to some raunchy video, that&#39;s horrible. If you send me an email at [email protected] I will send you the file via email. <br />I hope that helps!

  20. anaclaudia antunes

    Adorei obrigada por compartilhar

  21. safetoland

    Wow I&#39;m so excited! I&#39;ve been looking for a mary jane pattern, I think I&#39;m probably gonna make about a million pairs for my daughter 🙂 Thanks

  22. KMonti

    Thank you for sharing this. It&#39;s so hard to find patterns online and these are adorable!

  23. saffiertje

    the downloading of the pattern files do not work! Hope you can send me the pattern by email<br />scrapsaffiertje at planet dot nl

  24. Papgena Made It

    i saw you on craft gossip!<br />this is just great! thank you so much for sharing!!!

  25. Anonymous

    they are soo cute! thanks for sharing the pattern with us!

  26. stephanie

    I like your handmade<br />think you very much!!

  27. Andrea Thieck Miniatures

    Thank you so much for this great tutorial and the pattern!<br />Andrea

  28. PatriciaRaeDesigns

    So stinking cute love the pleats, I make soft sole shoes to mostly pointy if you would like to check them out, i&#39;m in love with your blog<br /><br /><br />Amanda

  29. Liz

    These are to die for! Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous tutorial. I will be featuring you on our blog I can&#39;t wait to make &#39;em!

  30. Anonymous

    Love, love these! I also love the fabric–where did you get it?

  31. Shwin W

    I got the fabric at Joann fabric, it is a quilting flannel.

  32. Ticklish Moose

    Hi- couldn&#39;t help but be #300 follower! I also make soft soled shoes- thanks for putting the pattern for the pleated shoes on your blog. Stop by my blog and say &#39;Hi&#39; sometime!!<br /><br />

  33. Kari Furnish

    i have a daughter who is fixing to be 1. your pattern is up to 12 months is there a way if it is small to make it bigger. just wondering really new and don&#39;t know how to make patterns yet.

  34. Shwin W

    Kari,<br />To make this bigger you can try two things, 1 increse the print size of the pattern so it prints at 150% I haven&#39;t tried that but I bet it would work. Or trace around your daughters foot leaving a little room for growth then measure around the foot tracing (all around the edge) Then take the foot top piece and make the front toe part curve down a little more (as it did for other

  35. Natalie

    Thank you for the tutorial!! I made these for my niece who will be arriving next year. They were precious!

  36. Anonymous

    THANK YOU for the pattern I hope I can make them they are so cute.

  37. Anonymous

    Thank you, they are so cute shoes!!!!<br />The tutorial is very detailed.<br />Sandra (SP-Brazil!)

  38. Kristin

    Love the shoes! I gave the link to my sister and she has made me a few pairs. So cute! Thank you!

  39. Kristen

    So cute! I can&#39;t wait to make some for my youngest niece. I linked back to you at:<br />

  40. Aimee K.

    These are very cute and I wanted to make them for a baby shower gift. When I tried to download the pattern, I could only get the second page to download, and for some reason, the first one wouldn&#39;t download. Can you help me figure this out or email me the link to the pdf page or something? Thanks so much, Aimee<br />[email protected]

  41. Jeni

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Jeni

    I am very new to sewing and am learning a lot and enjoying myself! I have a question though… i made this shoe and it turned out ALMOST perfect. It is absolutely adorable BUT my seam always ends up on the pinky side of the shoe instead of on the great toe side. So then my strap will snap on the great toe side instead of the pinky toe side… hope that makes sense. I figured that on the pattern

  43. Shauna@shwinandshwin

    Jeni,<br />What you are saying does make sense. You do have to reverse the pattern for the other foot, which will hopefully help. The side seam should go on the inside of each foot, as should the strap and then it would always buckle on the outside of the foot (or with the pinky toe) There isn&#39;t a lot of curve with the sole pattern so sometimes I accidently make to left feet and just make it

  44. Laura@Corner House

    These are such cute shoes and a great tutorial. I featured it on my blog. http://corner–

  45. Mae Mae

    does the pattern include the pleats or should I put more inches to the pattern for the pleats

  46. Shauna@shwinandshwin

    Mae Mae,<br />Page 2 of the pattern is the piece that has space allowed for pleats to be added. Just add pleats so it fits the size of the lining (the upper sole on page 1)

  47. Sara L

    I used your pattern to make my daughters booties for her halloween costume. I also blogged about you!! Thanks so much for your wonderful tutorial!!<br /><br />

  48. nekcam

    what an awesome idea. I recently started crafting to customize a few things for my baby girl. I am dying to give this tutorial a try. Thank you for sharing! Would you please send me the two patterns? I was not able to download them. Thank you once again.

  49. nekcam

    I was so excited I forgot to include my email address lol it is [email protected]

  50. Nana

    Thank you so much for the pattern. I can&#39;t wait to make my granddaughter a pair of these. 🙂

  51. zeba akhter

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  52. karyn gray

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  53. Amber Dawn

    These are so cute! Here is a link to the post where I put up pictures of the ones I made.<br />

  54. Mina Tariq

    thankyou so much for this lovely cute shoe pattern i made one for my niece thnaks alot &lt;3<br />

  55. skye baby

    Thank you for sharing. Your designs, patterns and fabric choices are great! New to sewing so having patterns with lots of detail, along with pictures helps so much. I will for sure try making your summer breeze dress, so cute! 🙂

  56. Rosemary

    Que bien, hermosos, muchísimas gracias!! era lo que buscaba!!

  57. Linda @ Sewing Shop

    These little shoes are so adorable! I love the pleats! Thanks for sharing this pattern and tutorial.
    I featured it on my blog, you can see it here:

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