Today I went through some past sketches and when I saw the sketch for this top, and I found some jersey knit calling my name I thought the time had come. I admit I really didn’t know what to call this top, it is kind of a faux peasant top crossed with a henley and a little baby doll top thrown in the mix. But since that name seemed really long I went with ruffle top. It seems to fit. I am thinking about making a downloadable pattern for this top,as I work out the little details… So stay tuned for that. For now I will help you make one at home (it is pretty easy) 

To start grab a top that fits well. Fold it in half. With your fabric also folded in half line up the flat edge a few inches in. (I think I did mine like 4 inches in) Now let me just say that after making this there is one thing I would do different. That is that I made this one with a bodice piece and then the bottom piece. I did this because I didn’t want the skirt to be as full as the top of the bodice, but after making the top I would say to make it all in one piece so from the top of the bodice piece cut it the whole length that you want the top to be. (does that make sense?) 

So the picture is how I made mine but again as I suggest instead of having narrower and disconnected skirt part (the rectangle on the bottom of the picture) Or you can do it the way I did and you should have two wide bodice pieces, 2 skirt pieces the narrow rectangles the same width of the skirt pieces. And finally 2 sleeves (I used the top as my guide for that as well)

additionally you are going to want to cut two neckline pieces that are the size of the top you used for your pattern and then one small rectangle.
First sew the neckline together at the shoulder seams

Then sew the bodice pieces together at the shoulders

Next sew a basting stitch along the neckline and gather the neckline

Pin the neckline piece to the ruffled neckline (right sides together)
Then turn the neckline around to the inside and topstitch around the neckline. Then cut a slit down the middle of the front and pin the rectangle to the front and sew along the edge of the cut.

Then turn the rectangle to the inside and top stitch around the edge. Then sew right sides together sewing along the side seams 

Then sew along the edge of the sleeve 
Then pin right sides together with the sleeve in the arm hole. 
Then sew both sleeves to the top
Then if you made the bodice and skirt two different pieces gather the bodice piece along the bottom edge.

Then sew the sides together on the skirt piece to make a tube. Then right sides together sew the ruffled bottom edge to the skirt.

So it should look like this if you used two pieces and if you cut it all one piece that is wide then it should only be gathered at the neckline and then be straight down.

Then with your narrow strips pin it in place about 1 inch under the armpit. 

Sew all along the top and then on the bottom leave a small opening to put the elastic in. Then run elastic through the casing. The elastic will gather in the waist which is why you don’t have to have two pieces.

Next for some added detail I made a plain square pocket. I did this by using the same jersey knit and using freezer paper stencil technique I made stripes on the square and painted some yellow stripes. Then I sewed some white piping along the top edge.

I turned the top so the side was flat pined it in place and sewed along the sides and bottom.

Then I sewed a button and a small elastic loop at the neckline so the slit would close.
Also I hemmed the bottom and sleeves.

That’s it. The perfect solution for any Jersey knit you have laying around.

It is also the cure for the common top.