Project Toddler Runway

The Top 15

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  1. Jessica

    These projects are amazing! I can't wait to see more!

  2. Susie

    Wackadoo's so cute! Queen of Hearts is amazing too!

  3. Shanna

    How exciting there are some great pieces up there! Should be a great competition! Thanks Shwins (and Momma)

  4. April

    I love that newsboy suit! So awesome to see something for boys!

  5. Erica @ Acire Adventures

    All of these are amazing, but I'm totally biased as mother of a little boy. I LOVE the newsboy suit!

  6. Jayna Rae

    Everything is so wonderful. I love the scarf with its asymmetry and the cranberry dress, but I am especially partial to the newsboy set because I have boys.

  7. beck

    i just found your blog. Cute stuff. I totally did this on my blog. I followed last seasons PR and did a project a week with their theme but with kid clothes. I only made it halfway through the season though. Life got a little busy so I kicked myself off! ha!

  8. Sandy Lewand

    WOW!! I love the ROCKSTAR DRESS!!!

  9. Dacia

    So many great projects! LOVE the wool coat! Can't wait to see more 🙂

  10. Carpenters

    I voted for six of the fifteen, but as another mother of a boy, I have to say that I also love the newsboy suit. If I thought my son wouldn't wear through the knees in seconds, I would so make this for him. I have a daughter too, so I'm loving the inspiration.

  11. Chelsea

    This is so fun!! Thanks for doing this contest!

  12. Melody

    Wow! That is some seriously CUTE stuff! I love the wool coat. Good job all of you.<br />Thanks for sharing!

  13. Amanda

    Gosh how to choose? These look so good!! <br /><br />Amanda

  14. Neldajay

    How cute! Go gnome skirt!<br />Goodluck everyone!

  15. S

    Wool coat all the way!

  16. Frenchy

    I just discovered your blog and love it so much ! I want to sew a dress now !<br />Thanks for the inspirations !<br />Come follow me back and say Hello !<br />XO

  17. Anonymous

    &quot;Project Toddler Runway&quot; – what a great idea. The designs are really wonderful. Great job everyone. I will be back to see the next project.

  18. Anonymous

    Love The Rockstar Dress!!!! So Bold And Stylish!!!! Hope It Gets Top 10!!!

  19. The Mayo Bunch

    i vote for the queen of hearts dress!!!

  20. Zoe

    I Love the wakado dress! But all are so cute!

  21. Anonymous

    I vote for the Pink and White Dress!!

  22. TARA-EmBenDesigns

    I hope the winner of each round could post a tute for the clothing they´ve made

  23. JennJenn

    Love the button scarf!!!

  24. Anonymous

    I vote for the wakado dress

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