Well the day has finally come! The top 15 have been selected! Let me just tell you that narrowing the contestants down to 15 was seriously so hard. We would have loved to let everyone participate! Everyone who tried out should be very proud of what they created we saw some great great stuff! So now it’s up to you, which 10 should go on to compete? Vote for your favorites and the 10 with most votes come Christmas (December 25th) will go on to compete with the first weeks challenge beginning January 3rd! So let the voting begin!
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The Cranberry Dress
[email protected] WildFlowers and Whimsy
We loved the buttons and the ruffle down the front! 

Pink and White Dress
[email protected] Dragon Fly Feathers
This sweet little dress won us over with the scalloped edges tie in back and can you believe this was the second thing she has ever sewn!! We see promise!

Gnome Skirt
[email protected] If life was like a cupcake
Check out the whimsy in this design, up-cycled from a mens shirt this makes a charming high waisted skirt. 

Jacket and Hat
[email protected] Sew a Straight line
Created from her own patterns this sweet little vintage jacket and beret melted our hearts

Blue Dress
[email protected] A Jennuine Life
We love a good up-cycle and this is no exception! She took an old shirt and made it look like it was made just for this little darling. 

Wakadoo Dress
[email protected] Extra Ordinary Bree
We love a little mondo inspired number but what makes this dress especially great are the details you can’t see, like the scoop neck in back and the hot pink lining in the sleeves just enough to show some fun!

Ruffled Scarf
[email protected] living with punks
How darling is this? We love a good child friendly accessory that added with any outfit would be stunning! 

Queen of Hearts dress
[email protected] The Planner and the Procrastinator
Can you say attention to detail? This sweet halloween costume was made to look like the queen of hearts from the new disney movie, and she nailed every detail!

Newsboy Suit
Jessica @ Running with Scissors
One look at this was love! She made all of it pattern free! (except the white shirt but who’s counting) There are even some suspenders under the vest that she made and are to die for! Plus we love a good boy design! 

Red Sweater Dress
[email protected] Naptime Crafters
Another good up-cycle, she saw a dress she liked and didn’t stop till she turned an old sweater into the dress, not to mention the darling cowboy boots as well! 

Kimono Dress
[email protected] BrickStory Lane
Pattern altering at it’s best! She took a regular store pattern and thought outside of the box, switching up the sleeves and using a great bold print combo. 

Rockstar Dress
[email protected] Celebrate the Madness
Check out this great dress that is sure to bring out the rock star in anyone! We loved the bold color choice, the creative design an the jewel details. 

Blue Ruffle Shirt
[email protected] Mama Says Sew
What a transformation! A button down shirt has never looked so good! With the darling cuffs and sweet ruffled collar!

Wool Jacket
[email protected] Creative Mommas
We just love this wool jacket, when the pattern she used turned out frumpy and plain she didn’t give up she re-worked it and turned out something spectacular!

Ruffle Shirt and Skirt
[email protected] Train to Crazy
Check this outfit out! The ruffles on the skirt! The gathered sleeve, the ruffle on the front, and what may be kind of hard to see but there are even little detailed hand embroidered artwork.

Everyone did such a great job! Even those who didn’t make it, really all the creations were so wonderful!
Good luck to the top 15! 
You can vote for up to 10 contestants. 
(I know it will let you vote for all 15 my options seemed to be vote for one or vote for all so please just don’t vote for more than 10)

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