Project Toddler Runway PTR Challenges

Week One Projects

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  1. Jayna Rae

    Okay, so I love them ALL. The first three and those polka dot boots are my top favorites, but to narrow them down and vote . . . what pressure.

  2. Knit Purl Gurl

    They're all fab! But I think it's a tie between #4(Military Ensemble) & #6 (Brown & White dress) for me.

  3. Beth @ Sand To Pearl

    I agree #4 and #6 are my absolute favorites, but they are all pretty cute!

  4. Lisa

    I like #5. That hoodie is adorable!

  5. Dacia

    Wow, some great stuff! What really talented people! I'm loving #4!!

  6. Jessica

    Tutorials please…haha! Great job everyone!! I truly admire your creativity 🙂

  7. TNEB

    What a transformation of #8 Preppy Blazer! It's hard to believe that tanktop turned into such an adorable jacket.

  8. Kat

    I want to know how to make those boots!! Super job everyone, I am very impressed!!!

  9. Andrea @

    So many great projects!! I love them all!

  10. Lacey

    Yes – they are amazing! Great job ladies!

  11. Bumble Baybees

    How does someone pick just one. I hope everyone did tutorials for these so the rest of us can make these cute outfits!!!

  12. Shwin R

    They are all so amazing!! Great first week everyone!

  13. Lindsay

    I agree…this is a SERIOUSLY hard decision!!! They are all awe inspiring!

  14. grace4cyn

    Loving the big top dress!!!<br /><br />Sarah H.

  15. Nancy

    Love them all, impossible to vote on just one.

  16. lanierlori

    You have the best sewing blog ever! I love your patterns and ideas. Now I feel inspired and have creative anxiety all at the same time, lol

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