project run and play sweet little miss

The Sweet Little Miss

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  1. sisters4saymoreismore

    um… are you kidding me?! this is amazing… like ridiculous amazing!! what the heck dude, I want that outfit!!!! <br /><br />~selina

  2. Sharon

    Very pretty! Love the top with the jacket!

  3. Taylor {Sew Much Love}

    Seriously so amazing! I cannot believe you made that outfit! The detailing is perfect! I can&#39;t decide which piece I love more! Wow you are talented…oh and those boots!

  4. Breanne Crawford

    that whole outfit is absolutely AMAZING. i seriously want one for my daughter. (it looks like our babies are about the same age or i&#39;d say when she got sick of it, i&#39;d totally buy it off you! LOL!)

  5. Mike & Karli

    I have to tell you that I am addicted to your blog! I have known Amanda W. all my life and she directed me to your blog! I have a 10 month old who I want to make this outfit for!! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a tutorial…necklace, shoes and ALL!! thanks<br />Karli

  6. PatriciaRaeDesigns

    seriously your shoes are giving me heart burn i need to know how to make them lol pretty please with a cherry on top (along with EVERYTHING else) :o) you have awesome talent<br /><br />Amanda

  7. Refugee Crafter

    I know I said it last week, but you&#39;ve forced me to change my mind. This one is definitely my favorite so far. You really outdid yourself. You&#39;ve got my vote.

  8. Refugee Crafter

    Too bad about the Linky thing. What about starting a Flickr group?

  9. emmylou

    So incredible! It was my favorite! : )

  10. huntressofnostalgia

    I cannot wait for those tutorials! So stinking cute!!!

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