I am still playing catch up with the tutorials from Project run and play projects, but I do still plan on doing all the tutorials so hang in there and they will all come. Today I am finishing the last one from the Doe a Deer look. It’s the button trousers. I have to say I LOVE these pants, they are one of my most favorite creations to date. I love that they are an unexpected color, I love the buttons, the pockets, and they turned out perfect they fit my little miss perfectly. (which doesn’t always happen) So let’s make some shall we?
I used a heavy bottom weight cotton for these pants (much like a denim material) The fabric has not stretch, although a little stretch may be nice, keep that in mind when selecting your fabric.
Let’s start by making a basic pant pattern. Unlike the leggings I have made in the past when making a pant you need more room in the back than you need in the front, so you have to make back and front pieces. This is easy to do though. Turn a pair of pants that fit well inside out and fold them so the back is showing and all the seam is exposed. Then follow just outside the seam. Make sure you account for the gather at the waist and stretch it out before you draw. Also draw your line at the top below the waist band of the pants since we will be making a waistband for these pants.

Next fold the pants the other way so the front is exposed and follow the seam as well. You will notice (or should notice) that the back crotch point comes out further than the curve for the front. This is what makes more room in the rear. The back piece should also be wider than the front piece.

Next draw the waistband above the pants. You can either double the height (since it will be folded) or cut it on a fold on the top and side. 
Next draw a front waist band the same way you did the back.

The basic pants pattern is complete but let’s add some pockets shall we?
Start by drawing a pocket shape on to the front of the pant pattern.
Cut out the pocket piece

Then trace the pocket piece and add a half inch around the edge. This becomes your new pocket pattern piece that you will cut out of the same fabric as the pants. 
Next draw a border about 1 inch around the pocket piece this becomes the inside of the pocket and should be cut out of a this cotton fabric. It is easiest to cut along a fold on the bottom edge.

Those are your pattern pieces, (sorry the picture is blurry)
Cut 2 front leg pieces
2 back leg pieces
1 front waitband
1 back waistband
2 pocket pieces
and 2 lining pieces (on the fold)

Here are my leg pieces cut out

Start by sewing a front piece to the back piece along the straight edge.

Then sew the other side of the leg from the bottom up to the point of the crotch.

Then when you have two legs sewn up the side, put one into the other so right sides are together. Then sew along the raw edge.

Now you should have a pant shape.

Now sew the pocket piece along the side of the pant so it covers the gap. Only sew along the side edge.

Next sew along the two sides of the lining piece. You should have a little pouch. 

This next step was really hard to photograph so I will just try to explain it the best I can. With right sides together you are going to sew the lining so the “u” shape in the lining matches up with the cut out in the pants and then you will sew up the pocket flap. I hope that makes sense. If you look at a pants pocket it may make more sense…

Then turn the pocket to the inside and you should have a nice little pocket. I topstitched along the pocket to hold it in place.
Let me know if the pocket is causing trouble I can whip up another pair and try to get better pictures…

Now sew the waistband together at the side seam to make a loop

Next pin the waistband to the top of the pants and sew in place

You should have a very tall waistband… Turn under the top edge and sew in place.

Then fold the waist band in half so it just covers the seam on the inside.

Now sewing ONLY the back part of the band start at one side seam and sew straight across to the other. You are making a casing for the back elastic. I made two for two rows of elastic how you want to do it is up to you. Don’t sew along the bottom edge yet. 

To measure my elastic I held a piece of elastic stretched a little up to my little one and measured it from side to side.Then slip in the elastic into the casing sewing it in place at both side seams. Then sew along the bottom edge of the waistband sewing the whole band (front and back) in place.

The elastic will pull the front a little and make it look small, but it will stretch when it goes on.

One last detail, that is optional is cuffs. I love them since it allows for growth in pants and my kids always get taller before they get bigger so pants are always getting too short. Cuffs can be folded up and let down so they are a great solution. To make a cuff cut a rectangle twice as long as you want the cuff to be and as wide as the pant leg is at the bottom. Then sew the side seam in the cuff and fold it so the seam is on the inside, kind of like the terribly blurry picture above shows…

Then with right sides together sew the cuff to the bottom of the pant leg and then fold how you like. 

Sew on some buttons just below the pockets and you are done!
Easy right? Now go whip up a pair and upload them to our Flickr group we would LOVE to see them!