Week 2 of Project Run and Play is here. I have to say at first when we got the challenge I was disappointed. We were given a pattern to use for a design competition, and to top it off it was a peasant dress… I was so stumped. I didn’t know how I could re-work the dress in a new or pleasing way. Especially since I like to make clothes that my kids can wear everyday to run and play in. Then a thought came to my mind… The peasant style made me think of Gretel (of hanzel and gretel) wondering around in the woods. I really wanted a hip and current look for todays “gretel” In the end I loved the outcome!

I made a hair piece that was inspired by a hair piece gretel herself could make while wondering around in the wilderness. It has a “hat” like shape with some rosettes, a few wild feathers and leaves and wild berries tucked around. 

Since my daughter doesn’t always keep hair pieces in her hair I made it double as a faux belt that clips to the front of the slim leg button trousers. I didn’t want to make any pieces that would go unused so they have a double use. They are also flat front with pockets and some big funky buttons for a pop of color.
here is a close up of the hair band that has hair clips on the back. 
The sweet dress pattern got a few change ups, I added a deer applique with a sweet little flower. And a layered hem. There is a tied little bow at the waist, with elastic to create an empire waist effect.

Also I made the front a bib front with buttons.
The whole top was made from a men’s dress shirt.
I love a good upcycle

My favorite piece of the week I made some soft soled sandals, they tie and the ankle and have similar details as the coordinating headpiece. 

Tutorials to come…So go vote!