Another Fantastic week is behind us and that means another great week is underway. This week’s winner is:

Chelsea from Creative Mammas
Great job Chelsea! Your dress was stunning, fresh and fun! 

I am sure you were all wondering who was unable to compete this week…
So sad that it was
Bree from Extraordinary Bree
She was such a wonderful designer! We are so sad to see her go!

Thanks to all the ladies who have worked so hard I think they were all a little relieved to have a “free pass” this week.
So the challenge this week?
It’s another fun one! It seems that every season Project Runway has a challenge that forces the designers to design from within. Drawing on some meaning or inspiration of their past, or surroundings. They try to pull out something meaningful and let the designers really showcase their skills. We love this! Especially since it is not a challenge to limit the designers to design a certain way, or with any particular inspiration. I am so excited to see what they have in store for us this week, especially since they are all so different from each other. This week also has a fabulous prize to go along with it.
If you haven’t checked out our Project Toddler Runway sponsor, Elements yet, then you should! Perhaps you have seen etched stones or slate that are used for welcome signs at someone’s home, or workplace, or maybe you have seen the decorative stones for gardens or walkways? Well this company will custom make ANY design and wording on some beautiful stones. We ordered Christmas gifts from them this year and they were wonderful to work with and we gave some truly customized gifts. They started the company when they searched high and low to find a memorial stone to their liking. When they couldn’t find what they wanted they decided they would do it themselves. Not long after they had the memorial stone designed the way they wanted and they hope to provide others with custom stones they are searching for as well. You may even say they design with meaning… Cheesy? Ok sorry I just had to say it. Really they are great you should check them out!