Our First round of Project “toddler” Runway is over! 
It has been such a fun couple of weeks!
We have very much enjoyed hosting this fun competition and meeting all the fabulous and talented ladies, most who are fresh and new to the craft blogging world. They have all come up with some stunning looks each week, truly inspirational and I would like to thank all the contestants who participated and the hard work they put forth week after week. Many of them are still putting together tutorials (although they were never required) and I am linking them up as I get them so you can check on the project toddler runway page I link them with the pictures of the projects. 
Now to crown our first winner of project toddler runway!


Your MOD Podge collection was so cute and cozy looking! I bet any kid would love to be wrapped up in some of that goodness!

I also want to congratulate our two runners up
It was a tough race and these ladies put forth some amazing creations as well. Any kid anywhere would have died to have a piece of those candy skirts, and tops, not to mention the amazing cute and collective sun and sea collection, talk about versatile! 
Go ahead and show all the contestants some love they all worked so hard and are all so so talented! Thanks ladies you made the competition so much fun!
Incase you feel like you missed out on round one, we will be doing this again! You will just have to follow along to find out exactly when, but try-outs for round 2 will likely begin in May. Hope to see you all there! 
Thanks for being a part of this wild ride!