Today I will share the hair piece I made for the Project run and Play challenge (week 2) I wanted to make a hair piece that would not only bring a bit of whimsy to the overall look, but that also make an impact in pictures. I made a thick band that would look almost like a hat when she wears it on her head, and since my little one is going through a “I hate wearing things on my head” phase in her life, I made it so it could also easily clip on to her pants for the look of a cool faux belt. It gives her options and what girl doesn’t like options? As a bonus it was really easy to make. 
To start I gathered some feathers up and glued them on to a felt circle. A few small dabs of hot glue did the trick.
Then I made some rosettes by cutting out a circle of felt.

cutting the circle in a spiral cut 
Then starting in the center you roll the strip. Place a dab of hot glue on the flap at the end and it will hold it all in place.

Then I glued the rosette on top of the feathers.

I added a few more rosettes, and some berries I cut off a decorative garland, and a few glittery blue leafs I picked up as a after christmas sale. You can just play around with different objects rearranging them until you like what you have and then glue it all in place.

Next I cut out two ovals. I just held them up to my daughters head until I was happy with the size and shape.

Then I took some embroidery floss and sewed it on both ends to create little loops (think belt loop) 

Then I took some bias tape and sandwiched it around the two ovals and sewed around the edge.
Glue the flower piece to the band and you are done. 
Slip some hair clips through the loops on the back of the band and it clips right into the hair.
Or perhaps on the front of some button trousers…
Pants will come next