I love to sew for my son. He is 3 and although he is becoming a little picky with what he likes and what he doesn’t like, he is overly kind in his compliments when you make something he likes. I have found the best way to please a picky boy is to let him design his clothes.
Since I was so in love with the
scribble shirt and since it was inspired by my sons scribbles, I thought I would allow him to design the scribble for his shirt.

He decided on a monster… Which if you knew this kid you would expect that.

To make the shirt I started with an old shirt of mine actually, it was a v-neck, which I thought would be a little different for him then the typical crew neck. I cut the shirt and sleeves down to his size the same way I did HERE. Only I did cut the shoulder lower down so the v-neck wouldn’t be to deep for a boy.
Then sew the front and back bodice pieces together at the shoulders.

Then pin in the sleeves and sew them in place.

Then sew along the dotted lines sewing the sides and sleeves together.

Then I cut the hem off the bottom of the old shirt and I resized it and sewed it to the bottom of the shirt. This keeps is from rolling up and I like the “rough” raw edge look for a boys shirt. 

Next I had my son “draw” a picture for his shirt. He drew a picture on a piece of paper and when I asked him what it was he said it was a monster. It was kind of hard to tell that it was a monster, but I followed his design and pinned the bias tape to the shirt and sewed it in place just as I did for the Scribble Shirt.

Lastly to help make his monster come to life I added felt cut out as teeth, eyes and a collar, all per request of my son. 

His art has never looked better. While I miss the look of it hanging all over my fridge I love seeing him wear it around proudly instead.

Mr. Serious showing off his new tee, until I asked him to model a little…

Then I got all kinds of goofy looks from the boy.
gotta love this kid!