Today’s super quick project happens to be part of the Blank Slate Patterns blog tour. I was super excited when Melissa asked me to be part of the tour because if you have ever sewn one of her patterns then you know they are AMAZING! I have never had a Tee Shirt pattern, every time I made a tee for my kids I just made my own, which is fine sure, but it was time consuming and sometimes I just wished I had a pattern I knew and loved that I could turn to. Enter the Vintage V-Neck pattern.

 It has a great fit, long and short sleeve options and I love the v-neck detail. They took about 15 min to make. We are talking FAST. So I decided to make him one for each day of the school week. To make it even faster I went with up-cycles. I used the existing hems for the bodice and sleeves so I didn’t have to hem anything.

 I loved that I could dig through the donation bin and even find use for the ugly shirts (this orange shirt was pretty bad) Freshened up with some mint and I love the big pocket.

 Keeping it simple with some grey and black the subtle contrast is one of my favorites.

 Jude’s favorite tee is the one I made from a graphic tee. It was the only one that I didn’t use the existing hem so that I could fit the graphic where I wanted it. Jude was pretty much just happy about the dead bird on the sleeve… Creepy much?

 I just like the easy graphic element, it helps for kids who want to wear less “mommy made” looking clothing. You know how they get…

 I made this one from a polo, for the ribbing I used the ribbed collar from the polo. It doesn’t quite stretch as far so it was a little tight over the ginourmous head, but he still likes it. For the sleeves I used the existing hem which had the ribbing and it was a nice change from the others.

 The pattern also includes a long sleeve option which is great since we are coming into colder weather. I added elbow patches (simply stitched on from knit) and cuffs at the sleeves. The shirt was this super ugly ill fitting polo that my husband got for Christmas it should have been thrown away or burned, but it was super soft, so it became a cool new vintage v and now I love it.

Jude has been working on his modeling. He comes up with all his own moves, he likes to name them and almost always likes to run over and see if the “move turned out” by checking out the preview on the camera.  So for your viewing pleasure I offer you:
Water ballon fling
Air Juggling
Chicken laying an egg
Rocking out
Blind karate
Morning stretch
Peaceful meditation
Horse riding
Rock star shout
(his names not mine)