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Vintage V-Neck {pattern tour}

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  1. Renee // nearest the pin

    This kid is hilarious! Cute tees too 🙂

  2. kmccalope

    This is the best way to start a Saturday morning. Such a cute kid. Tell him I like the "Chicken laying an egg" the best

  3. Ashley Duggan-Smith

    He is hysterical, and he totally has my stamp of approval on his model poses (and their names)! He committed so well to each of them, I can't pick which one is my favorite!

  4. Trina

    He truly is an awesome little model! I particularly love the first pic on the Friday box. And how could I not love the chicken laying an egg!!! That kid has style for days!

  5. pixidance

    and now I know what to do with my stack of old wonky t shirts that I haven&#39;t thrown away for some reason :)<br /><br />I love his posing. He and my daughter would have a blast hamming it up for the camera lol

  6. April Boyer

    These shirts and the pictures are amazing! And I just love the shoes. I also love using existing hems and sleeves–makes it so fast to put together!

  7. michael ann

    nice moves! and i love it when an ugly old shirt gets new life as something totally hip, all those shirts are fantastic!

  8. Jacklyn Byers

    Oh my goodness! Thank you Thank you for this! I snorted with laughter over this kids&#39; posing styles. I&#39;m purchasing this pattern right now. I haven&#39;t sewn in forever because of all the woodworking, but leave it to the Shwins to get me back on course. 🙂 Shwin fan all the way!<br />

  9. Annika

    this boy is the best! I can assure you: all the moves turned out. i really had a blast reading this post! thanks jude (well and shauna 😉 )

  10. EmSewCrazy

    Found you through Melly. Had to comment on all your son&#39;s hilarious pose names! So fun! His shirts look amazing too! Great job!

  11. Melissa

    Jude is awesome – love his pose names! Thanks for being on the tour.

  12. Sylvie

    These are all so cute. I dream of being as talented as you! Someday… I&#39;ll keep practicing! 🙂

  13. Mary

    Haha, Jude is EXACTLY like his dad – love it! Excited to make a few of these for Sam. I love it that you always have cool boy stuff – it&#39;s hard to find stuff to sew for them, especially stuff that the hubs will approve of haha. Thanks, Shauna!!<br /><br />mary

  14. Diary of a Flutter.Kat

    He is HILARIOUS!! Reminds me a bit of my Hannah.<br />I just purchased this pattern this week so now I look forward to giving it a go. I wonder if it would look good for girls too.

  15. thingsforboys

    love them all, but I think the elbow patches are my favourite! *adds ANOTHER thing to the to do list*

  16. ★Max California

    Those poses are incredible! As are the shirts!<br /><br />Also hacking up an Atticus tee for him? So rad! Atticus is a clothing brand by one of the guys from Blink 182 🙂 (I can&#39;t remember which one)(the other two own Famous Stars and Straps and also MacBeth which are shoes ^_^) (the more you know!) haha

  17. Kristie

    This is awesome! LOVE the poses.

  18. Tara

    Oh my gosh. This kid is a hilarious and amazing model. So cute!!!

  19. lindsey

    I was just looking at old posts from the sew fab bundle to get inspiration for sewing new clothes for my 18m toddler. I laughed so hard at the poses and names at the bottom. All of your tshirts and the pictures are so great, and the ones at the end really top it off!!

  20. 50 Knit Sewing Projects for Boys

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  21. Fran

    Shirts are super cute! Thanks because boys are so hard! And your Jude is the coolest kid ever! :o)

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