Today I am going to share the Sweet little top that was part of the sweet little miss look over on project run and play. Being that I was out of town and trying to enjoy vacation and bust out a look for the competition the tutorial is not the best it could be, but the top is really easy to make and I know I will be making many more for the summer season, so I will do my best to explain how to make the top.
I started with this eye lit fabric I picked up. I measured from just under my daughters armpit, down to the point where I wanted the shirt to be. That was the length I cut my piece and for width I measured around the widest part of my daughter, and added a few inches for wiggle room, and so it wouldn’t pull or be tight as she moved. That was the width of the rectangle. Then I folded it in half and sewed the seam. The seam will go in back. Next I folded under the top edge and sewed it in place.

I cut out 4 strips for the shoulder straps sewing two together and then turning them right side out so I had two finished straps.
Next I took a rectangle that I would pleat for the front piece. TO be honest this part was some guess work. I measured across the chest of my daughter so I would know how wide I wanted it to be, and then I folded in pleats and ironed them in place. Then I cut off any extra until it was the size I wanted for the front panel. I serged the top edge and sewed it under. Also I sewed along the sides so the pleats would hold in place.

Next I sewed the pleated panel just under the two shoulder straps. Then I serged the bottom edge.
Next with the seam of the dress piece in the center back I laid it out flat and sewed the front of the bodice piece to the front of the top. 
Then I sewed the straps in back. The last thing I did which I didn’t get a picture of was I added a strip of fabric sewed along the top and bottom on just the back of the top. I added elastic and sewed the elastic in place at each side. This helped the top to fit her around the top of the chest. 

That was it, I added a belt around the waist but you could wear it without. 
Simple and sweet, perfect for the little miss. Tomorrow I will share the pants.