Well they did it again. Here are this weeks amazing entries! Each lady did such an amazing job and they each have such a great story to go with their design.
In no particular order here are the entries this week:
#1 Daddy’s Little Patriot
[email protected] Celebrate the Madness
What is meaningful?  Family, Friends, Freedom.  With the world going crazy, I have never been more proud to be an American.  I love this great country we live in and I am so proud of my husband, brother, friends, and every other selfless soldier who stands watch everyday to defend my freedom.  I chose this week to focus on that pride for my country and illustrate it through a dress for my oldest.  I upcycled an old uniform shirt of her daddy’s  into this sweet little safari style dress.  By rearranging some of the elements of the uniform I was able to keep it simple and classic.  It is patriotic, without looking costumey.  She can wear it to school, or to play….  I wanted to embellish it slightly so I went with a reverse appliqued anchor, belt, and coordinating rosettes on the hat.  The hat was a stretch for me, and I am very pleased with how it came out!  My favorite part of participating in this competition is that each week I have been able to mark something off of my list of new things to try!  It feels so great to accomplish something!  I cannot wait until the finals where I will get a chance to showcase a “collection” of pieces!

#2 Every Occasion Dress
[email protected] A Jennuine Life

When this week’s challenge was announced, my thoughts immediately flew to a dress that my Grandma had made for me as a child that I LOVED so much and wore nonstop until my Mom couldn’t let any more length out of it.  It was green with a ruffled hem and an attached apron with red roses embroidered on it, so it was probably meant to be a Christmas dress.  That didn’t stop me one bit, so I thought why not recreate that dress I loved so much but make it ready for every occasion?  The base dress is a cute line drawing print of bird cages in black and white to keep things simple but whimsical.  A nice thick ruffled hem as a nod to the original dress, but in an a-line shape to make it more modern.  Then I created two interchangeable aprons that attach with buttons near the collar.  One in pink hearts and ruffles with Valentine’s in mind, and the other little white flowers on a blue background that would work all through spring and into summer.  I’ll be making more little aprons to coordinate with this little dress so it will be perfect for Every Occasion!

#3 For Love…and the Game
[email protected] Creative Mammas

Sports has always been a big part of my life. I grew up playing them outside with my siblings and the neighbors, and we often had to be called in when it was too dark.
 Although sports were a big part of my childhood, baseball was something that I knew very little about. It wasn’t until I met my husband, while playing volleyball, that I learned to love the game. While dating, he taught me the art of the game. He taught me the rules, he taught me the techniques and he even bought me my first mitt and showed me how to break it in. Throughout our dating, many of our memories can be associated with sports, but mostly baseball. Needless to say, while all that was happening, we fell in love.
Which brings us to this week’s challenge. Since we had 17 inches of snow this week, I wasn’t able to make it to the fabric store in the nearby town. So I took several T-shirts and dyed them and then deconstructed them. Then I reconstructed them with other plain shirts to make them into baseball jerseys, ranging in three different sizes. Then I added logos with freezer paper stencil. Each logo has a significance.  One shirt says Manavoo Lawn, where I met my husband. Another one says Carterville Park,  where my husband proposed to me, during a game of catch. And lastly, San Diego, where my husband and I were married.

#4 To Saylorville, With Love
[email protected]

I grew up in central Florida. On a lake, surrounded by lakes, and then some more lakes…and then some ocean. Fast forward to my little one’s future and you will see its covered in snow. And ice.
I love the Midwest. Seriously, that’s not a joke, I REALLY love it. But when I think about some of my favorite memories as a child and realize they were spent in sand and water, of course then I find myself wanting that for my little girl. 
Good thing sometimes we can have all that we wish for… This summer my husband and some friends introduced me to Saylorville lake (which happens to be both huge and super close to the house we bought last year.) It’s a little piece of my childhood but here where my own baby can enjoy it – water sports, beaches, house boats, a marina. And the best part is, I think she’ll appreciate it more and have even fonder memories because it isn’t a year round thing.
This outfit is a play off of “Saylor” and just an ode to the water. The Sailor pants are made with old denim and have a front pocket for summer treasures. The halter is made from a piece of an old sweater and has an adjustable tie neck and some cute embellishments made from jersey t-shirts. And finally, as a little nod to my home-state the accent colors are blue, orange, and a little green – GO GATORS!
Are you as blown away as I am? They are each so talented it gets harder and harder each week.