Project Toddler Runway

Week 6 Projects

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  1. brickstory

    Oh my! They are so awesome this week!

  2. Jayna Rae

    Everything is so cute! I feel a need to keep scrolling to see more, but there are so few left. I think I am going to have Project Run & Play withdrawals when this is over.

  3. Dacia

    Love clothing that has a meaning!

  4. April

    All super adorable! 2 & 4 are my faves though. Great work this week ladies!

  5. Shannon

    I have been watching the competition all morning… voting seems out of whack!<br /><br />Just watched #1 jump from 60 votes to 97 in 15 minutes, while none of the other contestants received a single vote. <br /><br />Kind of discouraging for those really hoping to see a winner based on ANNONIMTY!

  6. Kim

    Glad to see I&#39;m not the only one noticing numbers jump in odd directions. It&#39;s not the first time, either.

  7. Shwin W

    Ladies, I agree it can be discouraging to see voting jump all over the place, I have done my best to keep things as anonymous as possible each week. I think it is a little unfair to the contestants to say voting is out of whack, the voters are entitled to vote for which ever design they want. The competition is supposed to be a fun place for the contestants to show off their creations, I am sorry

  8. Shanna

    Shauna, thanks for doing your best to make things fair during the competition! As this is the first go around for you guys I hope it hasn&#39;t been too overwhelming! I am sure you will get all the kinks out before you have another one (which I hope you will) because there are lots of well known and not so well known very talented designers out there! It has been an awesome go round and

  9. Sandy Lewand

    I find it kind of funny that when every one is running neck and neck it&#39;s all fun, but when someone jumps ahead a bit people get so upset, this is supposed to be fun. Personally I adore #1 as I have a son in the Navy and this one is not only patriotic, but well done with a lot of thought put into it. So #1 has my vote and all of my friends votes hands down!

  10. danielled211

    I totally agree with Sandy!! #1 continues to amaze me each week with such creativeness!!! I am excited each week to see what she has come up with! I don&#39;t understand why there would be any kind of negative comments about someone being in the lead. Keep up the good work ladies!!

  11. Veronica

    I agree with everyone that is defending #1. Not only is it an awesome dress, it is also very patriotic. Not to mention the outstanding presentation of this weeks challenge. Not only does #1 catch the eye, but it also touches the heart. As any patriotic American may feel. I love it!

  12. Anonymous

    #1 Is Amazing. Nobody Should Hate On Others Creativity And Talent. All Of The Outfits This Week Take Lots Of Talent And Hard Work And It IS Hard To Watch Others Jump Ahead But I Know That None Of The Voting Would Be Rigged Because This Is A Fair Competition. Good Luck To All Projects!

  13. Gypsy

    I love #1 – it&#39;s something I would totally dress my little girl in! I&#39;m all about a glammed up military style!

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