I love to make shoes. I just love the personal touches you can add when you make them yourself. That being said, it’s hard to make super durable shoes for kids who walk, and run and play. Even with tough leather they only last so long. So when I see a pair or shoes on clearance, I tend to snatch them up even if the look is not my favorite, you can after all change that. Plus it is a super easy project that takes 5-10 min tops.

I started with this pair of shoes, I removed the bows, which weren’t to my taste.

Then since I am still loving the beauty and simplicity in the silk flowers, I made some little ones up in white. I liked that the burn marks showed on the edges, it made them look a little more rustic.I added a grey pearl in the middle.

Then I added two more smaller flowers, I wanted the centers to be different for each flower so it looked like a collection of things.

Then I made the other shoe match and done.
A few tips, when adding things to shoes, I have sewn things on and I hot glued things on, sewing works best for little kids since it secures it better and they tend to be rough with their shoes. I also use embroidery floss so it is a strong stitch. 

It’s an easy project for your little one (or yourself) so you can add a little personal touch to any shoe.