I love the Beatles. My Husband loves the Beatles. Therefore it seems natural that we named our children after songs, or albums the Beatles made. (or at least it seemed natural to us) Jude was first, Hey Jude is one of my favorite songs, and the lyrics are actually pretty good advice for a boy to have in his life. This Jude happens to hear people say or sing “hey Jude” to him several times a day, so it seemed fit that he have a “hey Jude” shirt. 
I saw this shirt at the GAP and knew it was the perfect shirt to customize for him. 

Honestly it didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped… it’s a live and learn thing but I know what I could have done differently so it can help you get a better result.
I started with a plain white tee, which was my first mistake, the shirt is cross dyed, so I should have done a quick dip in dye before I moved on to this step. That would have made for a softer contrast and given the “vintage” look without having to do a thin layer of glue like I did and it ended up looking all blotchy  instead.  So after a quick dip and we will all pretend my shirt is a light gray right now…. I used masking tape and string to create guitars on the shirt… yes they are supposed to be guitars… You could use frezer paper to make a stencil if you wanted for this design that would have been a lot of small pieces to place so tape and string was easier.  Then apply school glue to your design only. The glue blocks the dye from taking to the fabric.  

Let it dry completely and remove the tape, or stencil. (you can barely see the glue but it will wrinkle up) Then dip it in your dye bath and watch it carefully until it is at the color you want. Then wash and dry the shirt.  
Then I made some patches out of white jersey. To do this I ironed on fusible interfacing to the back of the fabric. This makes it stiffer, and keeps the jersey from stretching. Then I cut out the letters. I ironed on some interfacing to the back of the tee-shirt as well so I could stitch without the shirt stretching. Then I hand stitched on the patches and letters.

I also added a little Re-mixed release date in the bottom corner, which happens to be his birthday.

That’s it. So besides the patchy dye job… which I wish I would have done differently but what can you do. Jude loves his shirt since it has his name on it…

Then your little guy (or big guy) can wear the shirt but be careful it may bring out the inner rocker…