Ok I am not trying to leave you guys hanging with the boys collection, things have just been well crazy. So let’s jump back into the Boy’s Summer Collection with my favorite piece of the collection! The Checkered Maxwell Top. For this top I did a really quick and easy re-mix to the Maxwell Top Pattern (available in my shop) It is easily my favorite patter and it is easy for me to whip together pretty quickly now. (need help? There is a video here)

 I used a really light weight gingham for this one so it would be light and breezy for summer days. It is so soft and comfortable and one of Jude’s favorite shirts.

 I like playing with the direction of the gingham and did the yokes on the bias, it adds interest, which makes sewing for boys fun. So here is a quick run down of what I did to change up the style a bit.

 The pattern has a back yoke but I decided to add a front yoke this time as well, I simply cut two yoke pieces using the top part of the front pattern piece. Simple. I cut all the yokes on the bias. Then sew them all down just like you do for the back.

 I also wanted to add button tabs at the shoulder, which I realize now that they should be at the shoulder seam and not the neck, but it doesn’t really matter I guess. I just cut out small rectangles and turned all the edges under then sewed around the edge to secure. Then pin them in place at the shoulder or neck seam. If you do the neck like I did, they will be secured in place when you sew the collar on. If you add them to the shoulder they will be sewn in place when you add the sleeve.

 The other thing I changed is I wanted the sleeves to look rolled up. You could make actual long sleeves with a cuff and then the shirt could be worn either way, but I just wanted a faux long sleeve so I simply made the sleeve longer than the pattern.

 Sew it in place the same way as the pattern tells you to then I rolled the sleeve up and I tacked it in place at the seam.

 Then I added the tab at the sleeve like in the pattern only it makes it look like it is holding up the rolled sleeve, which is a little longer than the short sleeve when done.

 I also added a little button at the shoulder tab to secure it in place. That’s all there is to it.

 Then you have a cool and relaxed shirt perfect for the stylish little boy in your life. (oh I might add I left the flaps off the pocket, partly due to laziness really ūüôā

Jude loves his cool dude shirt. He is really into buttons which is sweet, but you could also use snaps if you little guy would rather snap then button.
See you back tomorrow with another boy project!