sewing for boys summer wardrobe

The Checkered Maxwell {boys summer collection}

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  1. Melissa

    So cool! I'm digging those turquoise shorts too; think I need to pin this outfit.

  2. Emily

    Love the bias yokes and the buttons.

  3. ohbygolly

    I get so excited when you post for boys. Though my toddler boys live in just there underwear during the Summer, they need a few rad outfits for when clothes are required. (so..any place other than their backyard.)

  4. Cindy

    That's one great looking shirt! I love the way the turquoise buttons pop on the black and white checks. It's nice to see a stylish boy's shirt. Now all he needs is some old school checkerboard Vans.;)

  5. Vanessa@Designs By Sessa

    Wow! It's so stunning! The black and teal are awesome together! Great work!

  6. Erna

    that is awesome, I want it. <br />need to follow you. 😀

  7. Max of Max California ★

    love this! I love the gingham and I love the colours all together!

  8. andrea white

    you are such an amazing seamstress/sower/designer. none of your stuff looks homemade. is there anyway you could do this for adult clothes? i&#39;d love to get into sowing but have no idea where/how to start. i have no kids so i want to make clothes for myself.

  9. Angie

    Just bought the maxwell pattern. Thank you! Such a cute shirt!!!

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