Jude is finishing up school this week, which has been a little busier than I thought so there wasn’t a tutorial yesterday, and with summer here things may get a little spotty, but we will still finish up the boy’s summer collection. Today is one of my favorite pieces. (ok I say that a lot) I just love a good pair of shorts.

 This pair (even though the back welt pocket didn’t turn out as I was hoping) I didn’t make a tutorial for… because they are these pants only I cut them off at the knee and made them into shorts. (I also did not make the leg as skinny for the shorts) It was the best way to turn a pants pattern I loved into shorts that I also love.

 I used a baby blue cotton with white and yellow accents which make for slightly unexpected, yet super comfortable boys shorts, that go with nearly every tee he has for summer (score)

I also made the cuff a little longer and the length a tad long so hopefully he will not outgrow them before the end of summer (as he has been known to do the darn kid 🙂 SO that’s it for today… but there are more fun projects still to come!