Our next guest this week is the lovely and talented Heidi from Honeybear Lane.I first found Heidi’s blog when her puff quilt tutorial was shared on Make-it and Love-it. Then I rediscovered her blog when I needed blog help and I followed her Bling your blog series. Which was so helpful! She is fabulously crafty as well here are some of my favorites:

The Safety Pin Bracelet
And this awesome side board she made for the crafting with the stars competition which I just loved! Now here is Heidi to share with us a great little photoshop project!

Hello Shwin & Shwin Readers!
My name is Heidi and I blog over at Honeybear Lane.
You might recognize me because of these:

But I do lots of other stuff, like home decorating, baby stuff, and blog about my random personal thoughts on life.

I have been a big fan of Photoshop since I was a tiny girl, although I used Elements as a kid.  When I got into college, as an advertising major I had to learn a little more about it and now I use it daily!
I’m afraid that I am not very good at using Illustrator, I do everything in Photoshop!
 Also, I’m positive there are shortcuts that I don’t know about, so just bear with me as I do it the way I know how!

Here’s how I created my Board and Batten Header!

Step 1:  Open up a new document with a transparent background that is 1000 pixels wide (or however wide your blog middle column is!)

Step 2:  Start by creating a shape…a rectangle.  Just draw it out and change the color to white.

Step 3:  Repeat that step but draw the rectangle in the empty space above the white (and move the layer to be under the white.)  Change the color to your desired ‘wall’ color.

Step 4:  Create the wall boards.  Draw a rectangle in white with no stroke (the line that goes around the rectangle.)

Then add an effect.  (I always rasterize my shape to begin adding effects…does anyone know how to do it without rasterizing first?)  Add the drop shadow effect and play with the angle until you get it just right.

Duplicate the layer over and over to make all your boards the same.  Just use your best judgement for spacing.

This is what it should look like so far.

Step 5:  Create your ‘molding.’  Draw a rectangle across the top and add the same drop shadow effect.

Tada!!  So easy right?  Now go ahead and play around, adding other fun wall treatments.

I love Photoshop!  And how awesome is it that Shauna is giving away a CS5!!!
Seriously cool.

Feel free to ask me any more questions on my header and I’ll respond to them through email (so make sure your profile is linked to your email!)  Or if you have a better way to do this, feel free to tell me because I for sure am not an expert!!

Thanks for letting me guest post today and please remember to stop by my blog Honeybear Lane and say hi!!