How to make a PDF Pattern in Photoshop || Part IIII

How to make a PDF Pattern in Photoshop || Part IIII

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  1. Lesley

    What a fantastic post!!!! This is something I have always wanted to know how to do. As soon as I have some time I am going to sit down and follow all your instructions. It looks like you have explained it all beautifully. Thank you so much for taking the time to share.

  2. Paper Doll Art

    I was wondering how to make a pdf pattern. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you are very generous!

  3. Leigh Ann

    Thank you, I will be trying this!
    How do you make different sizes? I know how to grade on paper, but can you do it in photoshop? Or do you just follow all of the same steps and then layer them near the end?

    1. Shauna

      I do grade in photoshop now, although for the longest time I was a paper and pencil drafter and grader only. To do this I created my grade rules, (measurements used to increase the sizes and where they need to be increased) I use those to adjust the lines and anchor points as needed.

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