I would like to welcome anyone from See Kate Sew! I am so excited to be a part of this ruffled event! I love ruffles! I have passed this love of ruffles down to my little girl who squeals out a “pretty!” every time she wears some ruffles. 

Another love that I passed down to my children is my love of the ocean. You see the ocean has always reminded me of nature’s ruffles. The waves crashing up on the shore one right after another… This top was made with with the waves of the ocean as my inspiration. It’s super easy to make and even with sewing the ruffles it’s not super time consuming. So let’s dive right in and you can make your own.

I started with a basic bodice and then a A line skirt piece. To get the bodice and skirt piece I just traced a top that fits well making the sides flair out for the skirt piece and not including any sleeves for the top. Then I cut the bodice just under the arm pit. Now I used silk for the ruffles and for the top bodice but I made the skirt and the top lining out of a soft cotton. Just some scraps I had laying around. So you will cut out 2 skirt pieces and two bodice pieces (plus two for lining the bodice) then cut the back bodice piece in half. 

start by sewing the front and back bodice pieces together at the shoulder. (both the front and lining pieces)

next sew the front and lining pieces right sides together along all the edges except the bottom edges. Then turn it right side out.

Now I sewed the skirt pieces together at one side seam. Then measure the width of the skirt piece and cut out strips of fabric that will be your ruffle, I choose to give a “bubble” like hem to my ruffles so I folded all of them and then ruffled along the top. You want them to be at least double the width but more or less for how gathered you want them.
Gather the ruffle, and then sew it along the skirt starting at the bottom.

Then do the next layer, overlap the layers by a little so you don’t see the top of the last layer.

Then sew on your last layer along the top. For my it was 3 layers you can have more or less.

Then take your bodice and sew right sides together the bodice to the skirt piece. Overlap the back pieces by just a bit in back.

Then flip up the bodice piece and you are almost done. I added some “shell” like rosettes to the front. I used this tutorial I made them out of a chiffon, lace, knit, and tulle. In a slight variety of colors. Then I sewed a little plastic pearl to the center.  

Lastly I sewed some buttons and elastic loops on the back to close. 

Done with your waves inspired top.
The best thing about ruffles and sweetness is they can look all fancy…

But still be fun and comfy enough for a day at the beach…

Or at least a play date in a large sandbox until we make it to the beach…