I LOVE stripes! I love everything about them. They are all through my house and my wardrobe. You could say I am addicted to them, I would go to prison just to snag up a striped jumpsuit…(ok no I wouldn’t but you get the point) I was at a store and this stripped shirt called out to me. It was a light gauze like thermal fabric (does that even make sense?) and oh the stripes. It was on clearance to 1.99! It had to be mine, but ekk, they only had one left and it was and x-small. I may be crazy from time to time but I am not unrealistic… however I snagged it up since it would be perfect to refashion and finding a good stripe is hard. To be honest I hung it in my closet so the stripes would cheer up my closet for awhile, and then it hit me, it would make the perfect cardigan with some nautical flair. only I changed up the stripes a bit since you can do that… it’s fun. let’s get started…

So I made a basic pattern following my daughters shirt and I cut out the back piece on the fold. Then I cut the bodice in half and cut the bottom pieces out using the original hem like I did for the back. Then the top piece I cut out on an angle so the stripes would go a different direction.

See all cut out. This is for the front I left the back all in one piece but you could do this for the front and back.

I also cut out some small square pockets for the front going in yet another direction. 

Start the sewing by sewing your front pieces back together.

When they were sewn together I sewed a strip of white jersey along the seam, no real reason I just liked the look. 

I took another strip and used it to finish the edges of the front of the cardigan. I did this more for strength since the fabric is so light and airy and I didn’t want it to curl all up, but it’s up to you.

Then I did the same for the neck line. (again optional knit fabric doesn’t have to be finished but I wanted to add the strength.) Then sew in the sleeves, which I cut from the sleeves of the shirt so I could save the cuff.

Then sew the two sides together along the solid lines there. Next I sewed the pockets on to the front which sorry I did not get a picture of that but it’s pretty easy you just sew along three edges creating a pocket. Then done. I debated adding buttons but my husband said to skip them he liked it open, I kind of agree. 

Now she has yet another perfect little cardigan to transition from the cool spring to the summer. Since it is so light weight and the cuffs fold up she could wear it on a cooler summer night as well.

I might even hunt down a large size striped shirt so I could make one for myself, my closet is jealous of the stripes…

 I LOVE stripes!