Ok so if there is one thing I love about fashion it is mixing prints. Stripes and polka dots? Love it! Bold prints? Yep I love it all. You know what I don’t love? When it looks like a fabric store threw up on an outfit. Do you know what I am talking about? 5+ different prints and fabrics splattered all over a top… no thank you. It’s fine if you love it, but it’s just not my thing. I like to mix a bold print with a solid and a “mellow” print. I always feel like the solid print tames the look a little so it doesn’t get too over whelming.

 For me I also like to mix prints with a super simple design. If you get too much going on like a million ruffles or something it just overwhelms the look. So do you want to make your own? Sweet let’s get going…

 We will start with a basic bodice and sleeve. Need help drafting one? Check my post on that here To alter the bodice to be more of a A line tunic top. I cut the top part of the bodice out then cut the bottom half with an angle and added quite a bit of length. I cut one upper bodice piece on the fold and two not on the fold. Then for the skirt cut 2 on the fold. Also cut two sleeves out.

 Then for the front bodice pieces I also cut a rectangle flap for the buttons. It will be folded over, so cut it twice as wide as you want.

 You will also want to cut out facing for the bodice. If you need help with the facing check out my post on that here. You will want facing for the front that goes around the neck and front side. Then a facing for the back neckline.

 Then sew the front and back bodice pieces right sides together at the shoulder seam. Do the same with the facing sewing them at the shoulder seam. Then with right sides together sew the facing to the bodice. You will want to put the button flap on one of the sides before you sew the facing on. To do that fold the top of the button flap under so the flap is just below the top edge. Then sew around the edges.

 Turn the facing around to the back and top stitch it in place. You should see that your button flap is sewn nicely in place.

 Then sew your sleeves in the arm curve. I drafted my sleeve to have a some “puff” so I added two small pleats to each side of the top of the curve.

 Then with right sides together sew the skirt piece to the top bodice. Do this to the front and back pieces.

 Next for the pockets. I cut a square out and then cut a rectangle strip. Sew the right side of the strip to the wrong side of the pocket. (it will seem a little odd.)

 Then press the rectangle so it is on the front of the pocket and press the edge of the rectangle under. Sew in place along the edge.

 Then press the edges under of the pocket.

 Pin the pocket to the top and sew along the side and bottom edge.

 Then with right sides together sew up the sleeve and down the side of the top.

 Then sew some button holes and buttons on to the front.

 I also added some buttons to the pocket.

 That’s all there is to it. A simple mixed print top.

 For all of the fun and carefree days kids have.

 Seeing the playful prints just makes me smile.