I am still building the kids summer wardrobe, which I am sure would not be complete without a few pairs of shorts. So today I bring you the Veckade Shorts. 

Why Veckade? Veckade is Swedish for pleated, and the shorts happen to have some lovely pleated pockets. The inspiration came from Swedish boats. The colors I love since blue and yellow seem to run through my Swedish blood, but since summer clothing should in my opinion have a nautical touch it seemed fit that these shorts happen to be inspired by a Swedish boat. The wide planks that call out pleats. Plus Veckade Shorts sounds better then pleated shorts. Want to make some as well? They are really quite easy and can be whipped up in an afternoon.

We will start with the pattern. Super basic (much like pants) Follow the lines of a pair of pants but fold them up where you want the shorts to end. If you trace to the waistline make sure you add a few inches at the top to fold under for the waist band and elastic.

Trace the front of the pants the same.

Now for those pleated pockets. Grab your front pieces and you will cut out really tall versions of the pockets you want. You want the really tall since you will pleat them down to size.

Fold and pin the pleats in the pockets making sure they match up (pretty well at least) and that they fit below the waistband that will be folded down on top.

Then sew some lines down your pockets to hold the pleats in place, you could just do the edges or add more like I did. Then the curved edge, sew piping around the edge on the outside then turn it to the inside and topstitch in place.

Next fold under the top and bottom edge of your pocket and sew them to the the front pieces of the shorts. Sew it along all the sides except where the piping is, since that is the pocket opening.

Next sew the front pieces and the back pieces together to each other, from the crotch up the middle. So you have a front and back piece.

Then with right sides together sew the shorts together at the side seams and the crotch seam.

Next I used bias tape to finish the leg opening. I added small little tucks to help the pant leg fit to size. 

Next fold the top waistband in and start by sewing across the back only. Put the elastic in and secure it at both sides. Then sew the waistband down across the front.

You should have a nice flat front and a gathered back. (which should be nice and roomy for a behind as well.

Then in no time your little one (or you I suppose) will be rocking a new pair of Veckade shorts. 

Maybe it will encourage summer to come a little faster and for the crappy weather to go away. Then we could grow real flowers outside…

Till then we will just enjoy the great indoors pretending it is hot and sunny all around us.