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Spring Patterns || New PDF Patterns

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  1. Mayda Villar (4 en la Carretera)

    Congrats on those beautiful patterns! I specially like the polo shirt; A different yet wearable shirt for boys! Love the color block. Jude is adorable… Heading to the shop!!

  2. Ajaire P

    So good!! I love the georgia twirl and I can definitely see the Anytime shirt being a big staple.

  3. Mie Brindle

    Wow, what a fabulous collection! Congrats on the release! I LOVE the photos!

  4. Sew Much Ado

    Love all these patterns!!! Especially the tee, such a great staple!

  5. Elisa Clark

    These all look so great!!

  6. marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings

    Oh they look so fantastic I want them all!

  7. Delia

    This is SO amazing I can hardly stand it!

  8. WIDI

    Wow this is so amazing and so many patterns all in one go? wow. The patterns look great, the clicks and models too :). Thanks, Preethi.

  9. jacq

    oh my goodness….love them all.<br />that boy pattern is perfect- and a basic onesie- so needed!<br />

  10. Adam Lara

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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