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Blackheads, blimishes and zits oh my

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  1. Jessica

    I'm 30 and still get lots of breakouts. I've tried a zillion different cleansers, drink tons of water and eat a lot of fresh produce. Basically, nothing helps too much, so what can I do once I get all those pimples? It's so hard to get them to go away without popping them

  2. Lynsie

    Hi, I just linked over to your blog from Me Sew Crazy 🙂 I have a question, I cannot seem to avoid breaking out on my chin. It' so bad my skin is now scarred and my complexion is very uneven. Zits just seem to keep popping up where one finally disappeared. How do I keep them from coming back, and is there anything affordable out there that can help the scarring and discoloration?

  3. Jenny Hadley

    OK, so I have blackheads that never go away. They are deep in my nose and my chin. Pore strips have never helped and I have fair skin so they stand out. What can I do to minimize these terrors?!!

  4. Karen G.

    I would love to know what to do to minimize large pores! They are on my forehead, nose, and areas just beside my nose. They are awful! Because of them I've never really been able to wear foundation–it ends up just sinking into the pores and makes them stand out even more. Nothing covers them up! I also have the deep blackheads that Jenny talks about. Thanks for the skin care posts!!

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