I am still sewing for KCWC and since I am limited myself to what I can sew in an hour, the best way to do that was to take the time to embellish some pre-made tops. To start that off I bring you the Egyptian Tank, inspired by ancient egypt necklines…

I started with this 2 dollar tank from Walmart.

Added some embroidery and voila! A tank with a little something special.

My first love in life is embroidery. I know crazy… you would think it was sewing. I just love the free form creating almost like drawing with a needle and thread. In case you are at all intimidated or unfamiliar with how to embroider, here are the two very basic techniques I used for the tank. The first is a back stitch. Start by coming up through the fabric. Then go a stitch-length forward (however long of a stitch you want)

Then come up through the fabric again another stitch length forward. 

Now for the reason it is called a “back stitch” You are simply going to go back to where you last stitch ended and then go forward again one stitch length past. Continue and you can make any line design you like.

Next I used a french knot (the little dots) Start by pulling the thread up through the fabric. Pull the thread tight and hold on to it.

Then wrap the thread around the needle near the place you came through.
The more you wrap it the larger the knot I like to do 3-4 times around.

Then holding the thread still poke the needle back through to the back, a little away from the thread. 

Once it is poked through pull the thread tight again so the knot is not loose and is against the fabric. Then pull the needle all the way through.

keep holding the thread tight as you pull the thread through to the back. 

Then you have a pretty french knot all tied up on top of the fabric.
pretty easy right?

Use some colorful combinations and designs and you can easily turn a plain shirt into something more in an hour.

The perfect little addition to a summer wardrobe…