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Tis the season for holiday gift wrapping, sending and giving. If you are like me then you live away from family but you send them gifts anyway. Sending gifts in the mail is often so plain and boring. So I was pretty excited when I got the chance to work with EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape it’s a perfect way to add some holiday cheer to the gifts you send out in the mail. Then I ordered everything online and saved myself the trip to the post office all together. (because I really hate going to the post office) but I was just as thrilled to use the holiday tape to wrap up my gifts for here at home. Because come on who wouldn’t? 

EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape comes in several fun designs. It’s made by Duck Brand® and so you know it’s good, however unlike Duck Tape it is easier to use and has a great dispenser. I used two of the 4 designs to add some holiday cheer to my gifts this year. 

The first one I did was adding some decoration to a simple brown paper packaging (my favorite gift wrap) I simply cut the tape off into squares and them cut the squares in half to become triangles and then had them go up for a row and down for the next. Super quick and simple and it adds a little something fun to the package. 

For the second one I use the tape like I would a ribbon only it’s 10 times easier because it sticks in place and doesnt move all around. (also certain little babies can’t grab the ribbon since it is stuck down) I stuck the tape down and then made a flat bow from some tape as well. Again quick and simple and a great way to add something fun to the package. 

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So what are you wrapping up this year? 

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