Remember the skirt series back in the Spring? I shared my favorite dress that looks like a skirt and top, which I called the skirt dress. Well while unpacking I found a skirt I started to make a few years back but never finished. (you know how that goes) I thought I would turn it into another skirt dress. 
 I dug through my “to makeover” tee shirt pile and found a tee that matched perfectly. I put it on and marked where I would want the skirt to start. Then I cut it at the place. (folding it in half helps to make sure you are even on both sides)
 Now for the skirt I made this one more fitted almost like a pencil skirt. To do this I measured the largest part of my hip and the smallest part of my waist. Then I simply made the top fit my waist (with a little wiggle room since I had to get it on somehow) then it tapered down to my hip measurement and went straight down from there. Hem the bottom and you are done with the skirt. 
 With right sides together I attached the shirt to the skirt. I had to stretch the shirt as I sewed it to the skirt. Just make sure to match up side seams and the middle of the front and back. 
 Turn it right side out and you are done. It is as simple as that. I made it in no time at all (especially since the skirt was already done)
 I like to wear a belt at the seam.
That’s all there is to it for a super easy summer dress.