Today I am sharing the easiest tee you will ever make. Seriously. I love how easy it was that no tee is safe in my house. They will likely all get drawn on. Maybe even some of the hubs shirts since I think he secretly want this one 🙂

 I found a graphic that I liked online. If you have never done graphic searching, or never found what you were hoping for here is a few things I do to make it a little easier.
I use google and but in my keyword in the search like “bicycle” then I select black and white and for this type of project I narrow the search down by line drawing. It helps a lot to narrow down your options and find just what you are hoping for. As long as you are not selling the items you should be able to use any graphic for your own use. Then print your graphic out in the size you want on the shirt. Then for a light colored shirt such as this one I simply placed the graphic inside the shirt held it up to a window and traced it with a pen. (just a regular pen)

 Then I grabbed my trusty fabric marker. (my new true love) Trace your lines.

 Once the marker dries (which takes maybe 5 min) Iron the graphic to seal the color.

 Can you believe how simple it is? I know. It’s also addicting. Tomorrow I will give you a few pointers on what to do if you have a dark shirt. (you know less see through for tracing)

Then you have a fun new graphic shirt for that boy in your life.

 We have had a slew of amazing thunderstorms lately which are my absolute favorite things, but it made for an indoor photo shoot with a boy who may be getting a little tired of photo shoots 🙂 SO you will have to pardon the only “pose” I got from him with a few slight variations… “being cool”, “being a boy” and “being goofy”. In the end he may be glad his sister gets more clothing. 🙂

I am LOVING all the amazing tee shirts coming in flickr group! Don’t forget to add your amazing creations we will be doing a round up on Friday!