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Fall Fleece Jacket

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  1. Nelly, her Nerd and Miss J

    This jacket is adorable and I would love the pattern. My two year old is also into the fake meltdown stage it's hard not to laugh especially when she squeezes her eyes extra tight to make sure she gets a few tears out. 😛

  2. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    love this jacket!!!! i think the detail is simply fabulous!!!

  3. Beth @ Sand To Pearl

    I love this coat. Too bad my 6 yr old has her own "style" and anything I pick is wrong. And my other 2 are boys. *insert my fake melt down*

  4. Jenni

    I would love the pattern! My girls are 3T and size 5, though, but I bet I could figure out how to scale it up for at least my daughter wearing 3T. It is adorable! You rock! 🙂

  5. Amy Westphal

    Yes I love it. I would make it too!

  6. April

    That is so cute! I have got tons of fleece already too!

  7. Cyndie

    i would love to makes this!! so cute!!

  8. adivamoment

    Definitely a cute jacket! A pattern would be great, if you can find the time=) And the fake meltdown, hilarious!

  9. three14creations

    I would totally make this for my niece and my sons best friend (a cute little girl). I would love the pattern!

  10. MrsMarch

    Love this jacket, I would love to try the pattern too! I'm new to sewing but am always up for a new challenge. With twin two year old girls I get to practice twice. This should be fun!

  11. Beth

    Love the coat – it makes me wish I had a little girl to sew for!

  12. Jennifer

    LOVE THIS and I would love a tutorial!! My daughter is a 2T so your pattern would be perfect for me. Thanks

  13. East Coast-er Momma

    What a fabulous little coat! A tutorial would be awesome. Where did you learn how to make your own patterns??

  14. Sparkle0101

    oh WOW, will you be sharing the pattern? This would make an excellent Christmas gift for my niece!!

  15. BoshieB

    Love the Jacket! A pattern would be SPLENDID! My baby would probably do a 12 month size so if you find the time to size it down, I would happily buy it!

  16. Marjo et Nico

    I don&#39;t really speak english but I can say that this jacket is so cute and I would love to get the pattern to sew for my twins!!<br />Marjorie from

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