Project Runway Recap

Project Runway: Real women have um… curves

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  1. Erica @ Acire Adventures

    It's funny because some of these women were a lot closer to the model body type than to the curvy, real-world woman that I would expect from such a challenge! Oh well. I agree with what you said about Laura for sure, that dress was not first place material by any stretch.

  2. mama marchand

    Thoughts about this past week's episode: Viktor should have won, Laura needs to either step it up or go home, Oliver is annoying, and I'm glad Bryce is gone. I'm eager to see what next week's episode is like!

  3. Jessica

    I also think Victor should have won. I LOVED that look! I would totally wear that! I felt really bad for the women though being critiqued. The judges said some really mean things and they all really liked their looks. Oliver was so annoying this episode! I thought he should have been in the bottom.

  4. Miss Ash

    I love that you do write ups like these because I don&#39;t watch television and I totally get a lot out of your comments. <br /><br />So thanks!

  5. Ashley

    I agree on all of your points. Viktor is my favorite this season. I so want that skirt…I may also try to make it (that should be interesting…lol) I haven&#39;t really cared for Oliver since day one…I don&#39;t know it is just something about him and I am sorry but he is yet to impress me in the design area. When it showed Laura in that red dress I was like, Oh my… what is she wearing!

  6. ppags

    I agree on your comments about Laura and Oliver. I was getting really irritated listening to Oliver whine about boobs. What got to me more was that he was way more scared when he thought he would have to design for men (who have no boobs). I think what he really wants to do is design for pre-pubescent girls. I can&#39;t wait to see him gone!

  7. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    Ok – so I finally got around to watching the episode today. Loved it! <br /><br />I think the looks that were in the top 3 were meant to be there. I loved both Viktor and Joshua&#39;s look. personally, I see myself wearing more of Joshua&#39;s look – so I was happy he won. Viktor&#39;s was equally as fabulous though! <br /><br />I agree with you about Oliver. Initially he was one of my

  8. Valerie

    Ugh. I am so over Oliver… and I am glad I am not the only one that noticed his outfit looked like a cheap knock off of the fabulous one Kim did for Nina Garcia!<br />I didn&#39;t really get the kimono thing Anya did? Though the judges LOVED it. ??? And I felt like Anthony Ryan kinda didn&#39;t deserve all the negativity… yeah, it was kinda boring, but he really tried to cater to what his

  9. Jess

    I love your blog! I just found it, had to pin about ten things to make for my girls. Thanks for all the great tutorials and patterns! They are awesome. Jessica<br />

  10. alittlepetite

    I LOVE that black dress! wow! the detailing is just beautiful and yes simple, but still very classy!

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