Project Runway Recap

Project Runway: Team Challenge again?

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  1. Cook Clean Craft

    I loved everything from Team Chaos except the casual red top and maybe Oliver&#39;s ankle freezer pants. I&#39;d buy the rest of the collection! I quite like Anya, but I would have given top honours to Viktor this week. So I really enjoyed this week for Team Chaos.<br /><br />Team Nuts and Bolts: what a disaster! Joshua and Bert: get over yourselves!<br /><br />I&#39;m still a little sick of the

  2. Nicole

    I personally loved teamed Chaos as well. My favorite designers are Anthony Ryan and Anya. I did really like Joshua, but the last few episodes he&#39;s been kind of dramatic and bossy. I was relieved to see Becky go home. I&#39;ve had enough of her &quot;poor me&quot; attitude. And don&#39;t get me started on Bert. lol

  3. ppags

    I almost hoped for Joshua to go home. His attitude grates on my nerves. And I have to echo PP&#39;s remarks about the colors. Enough with black, white and gray already. Please bring back some colors. My favorite was the inkblot skirt as well. I want to try that with some fabric at home. I am thinking white fabric with maybe some pretty blue or green paint rather than plain ol&#39; black.

  4. mama marchand

    I think Viktor should have won and I&#39;m glad Becky is gone. She needed to! There&#39;s no way she could have handled the stress of preparing a collection for fashion week. I think Bert is the next to go although I do wonder if that will ever happen because I think Michael Kors secretly likes that there is a male designer close to this own age on the show for once. 😉

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