Project Runway Recap

Project Runway: Plan B?

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  1. The Extra Ordinary Bree

    I still wasn&#39;t really in love with anything this week!<br /><br />I wasn&#39;t crazy about the gold top or victors funny shoulders (though it did look pretty stunning coming down the runway) I liked Anya&#39;s jumpsuit but couldn&#39;t see Nina in it and it was sort of boring.<br /><br />I think I hated Laura&#39;s look. I just didn&#39;t get the weird arms and the overlapping pieces in the

  2. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    OK – I want to talk about Cecilia first. She pissed me off. HOw many times did I have to hear her complain about the fabric she chose? But what is worse – she didn&#39;t even bother to TRY to do anything with it. She was like – whatever, and threw in the towel at the get go. She didn&#39;t…even…try. Pisses me off, with how many people that want to be on that show, and don&#39;t want to

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