Before we dig in to this past weeks project runway. (which was thankfully not a bore) You may have noticed that Friday came and went and a garment friday didn’t happen. Friday snuck up on me, so up went 5 lessons this past week instead of 4 opps. I do have a dress made including some darts goodness which looks like it will be going up monday and then I will be better about keeping track of Fridays.
So Project Runway. I called this week plan B since I am fairly certain that is all I heard Nina say. She was pretty bold with the designers as I would have suspected. However it worked! The designers actually made things I liked this week. They made things that looked like they had skills, and this season could actually turn out pretty well.

 Winner: Kimberly blew me away here and I thought it was really funny that the designers thought she would be in the bottom. Why did they think Nina would have the gold? She was wearing a sparkly shirt during the consultation and a gold shirt for the judging, I would say gold is right up her alley. Oh and I LOVED LOVED LOVED this whole look. I loved the cut and shape of the top and the pants fit so good, and it even looked great on Nina. SO well done to Kimberly she really surprised me.

The Loser: Oh Julie. I was never impressed by her at all, except for the tease of what “could have been” from the audition pieces. I do actually think she is a good designer, I just think that this competition and designing and creating under pressure was not for her at all. So I am not sorry to see her go since this coat dress was pretty bad, but I do hope she will continue designing. (oh and her model looking down doesn’t help what’s up with that?)

 What I liked was Laura’s design. Now I don’t really see Nina wearing this so I can see why she wasn’t in the top but the design was unique and something I haven’t seen before, and I really liked it. I would wear this, and it showed me at least that she really has unique designs which I like I can’t wait to see what more she comes up with.

 So Anthony Ryan and Becky choose the same fabric, which I thought was totally crazy and sadly for Becky she came right after Anthony Ryan, however instead of looking boring or “copy cat” I felt like it was almost like watching a collection walk down the runway. I liked what both of them did but I really liked the shape and the Pop of yellow color Becky added in the piping detail. I thought it was a great little detail. Although they were warned not to have a see of grey on the runway and this was grey.

 Joshua’s little number caught my eye. It’s not really anything new color blocking, but I liked his color choice, and the fit and cut of the garment was really flattering.

 What the heck? Cecillia should have been cut. I mean come on what was this? She claimed to have failed on the fabric (which she did) Then she “made the best garment she could” I am sorry but fabric choice was not her only problem this dress is just horrible. She also had a horrible attitude and wanted to go home… she should have.

So this is Bryce’s look.(left is from this past week right is from the first week) It made it in the middle. I am done with Bryce. In the first episode I liked his dress. Then I felt like deja vu this week the color pallet was the same and it just looks like something I have seen before, much like most of this garments so far. I just don’t think he has anything new to show us. 

 Danielle made this. I think she may have had a half way decent design then Nina kind of told her she wanted her to make the same thing she has made before which I think threw her off a bit. What ever happened this was just really boring. Well made, but boring.

Oh man Oliver. I keep thinking I should like you, I think the judges think they should too, but what is this? Horrible fit crazy pant and shirt and what is the thing around the waist? This is just weird, and dull and grey, didn’t she say she didn’t want a runway full of grey? I am just confused by this.

So what were your thoughts? Were you impressed? Still thinking it’s a snooze fest? Did you agree with the judges?