Another Week has passed, another project runway challenge down. I miss Mondo. He brought some excitement to the garments. So far everything has been just a little less than exciting. I really don’t know if it is the challenges or the designers but even the judges seem a little ho hum about the designs. This weeks challenge however was a weird one. Stilt walkers. It was also a team challenge and the first ever outdoor show. You would think the way the designers were talking that this would have been the best challenge yet. However I feel a little let down… 
So let’s break it down shall we? 

 The Winner: The official winner was Laura. She was on a team with Anthony Ryan (one of my favorites) I don’t dislike the dress. It’s pretty. It’s just that Anthony Ryan admits that those flowers were just hot glued on and the dress is pretty simple. Laura and Anthony Ryan did seem to work really well together and they were fun to watch.

 The loser: Team Bryce and Fallene, this may have been doomed from the start, two from the bottom last week paired together this week. However I actually felt really bad for Fallene, Bryce was kind of a jerk to her. There was some issue about the “self taught” Fallene cutting the bodice off grain. “fresh out of school” Bryce was so upset and bewildered that she couldn’t find the grain. Um I am sorry, you made a tutu. Oh and the back up plan? A tank top and a “belt”. I don’t get it the judges themselves only liked the head piece that Fallene made, while I didn’t care much for the head piece it was the only “creative” thing on the model, so why did they cut Fallene? I think it should have been Bryce or at least that tutu should have been the coolest tutu on the planet, not some big balled up mess.

 What I liked: Team Becky and Kimberly did a pretty great collaboration. I liked the pants and the edgy design of the jacket. I just didn’t love the color combination. But the cuffs, and tailoring, and pants. They even made the awkward and creepy model look cool.

 I also really liked team Cecilla and Danielle. They worked with all chiffon which is pretty hard to do, but I really like the unique design to the shirt and the the flow of the pants. It’s just really too bad that the model has the ugliest hair in the world.

 Their design was especially cool from the back. I just love the sleeves and the pleated detail. They really worked well together.

 Ok the “dream team” deserves some talk. I was soooo excited when Anya and Oliver got paired up together. They are a lot a like look like they could be siblings. and I thought they would come up with something truly amazing. They worked well together, and the garment is kind of cool, they were safe and all this week but I was wanting them to blow me away and instead I just found myself thinking, “well it’s not horrible”

 Ready for some what the heck? Let’s start with the matador. Team Joshua and Julie came up with this. I just don’t even know what to say. They used a weird shiny lycra for the bodice which is completely unflattering like a really bad swimsuit, and then there is the jacket that the model did not stop waving like a maniac, and the pants… oh my the pants. The proportions are all off and it looks like… yep I will say it a “hot mess”

Let’s leave off with on of the worst, Vicktor and Bert you are L-U-C-K-Y that someone sucked more than you. This was just ugly, from the fabric to the design. The victorian, look has been done a thousand times over. Improve it or don’t do it, but don’t do this. I can’t believe that either of them stayed on this week especially with Bert’s disaster from last week. This was just crazy.

So what were your thoughts? Loving hating or somewhere in between? Who do you think will win, or maybe surprise us here soon?