Project Runway Recap

Project Runway: Go big or Go Home

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  1. ajoy181984

    Somebody better surprise me soon. I am not really in love with any of the designers so far. This week I loved Becky and Kimberly's design. It was the one with most edge. I don't understand why Bryce and Fallene didn't just use the first shirt, yes the fabric was cut wrong but it was a whole lot better then a black tank.

  2. liZ evans

    I thought the stilts challenge was wierd and I&#39;m scared for ALL of them next week designing clothes for Nina (is that her name? I can&#39;t ever remember). That would freak me out.<br /><br />I also felt bad for Fallene, I like her and I agree with Joy up there who said they should have just used her top—maybe they could have added something to bodice disguise the bias mistake.

  3. Kristy Armstrong

    So far these designers are just boring!

  4. mama marchand

    Yeah, this season is not doing it for me. I was so excited about the &quot;edgy dancer&quot; look but it ended up totally flopping. Such a bizarre challenge, this one. I&#39;m hopeful for next week but the preview with &quot;negative Nina&quot; seemed blah. *sigh*

  5. Beth Riley

    Without cable it was through you I learned there was a new season going on! Check out my review at <br />

  6. East Coast-er Momma

    Uhm, I totally agree. and I&#39;m starting a to have a &quot;hate/hate&quot; relationship with Bert. he is a liar. Victor was really railroaded, I think. He wasn&#39;t innocent but Bert kept lying about all the aspects of the garment that he said Victor insisted on. Wow, really? The fabric choice was his, the color scheme was his and he wouldn&#39;t listen when Victor tried to tell him

  7. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    I was so mad Bert made it through and that his teammate took the fall for their design! UGH. He totally pulled Jekyl and Hyde from Episode 1 to now. <br /><br />I did really like Laura&#39;s design, but was so bummed out when Anthony said it was hot glued…<br /><br />Cecilia and Danielle surprised me with how well theirs was put together, but that pumpkin on their head – hello!<br /><br />I

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