My favorite thing about clothes is always the pockets. Don’t they just always add charm character and that special little surprise that makes a garment better than ordinary? My favorite pocket is the in seam pocket. You know the ones that are hidden away in a seam somewhere? I love them. They are also really easy to make. You can add them to any pattern or draft your own pattern with the pockets included.So let’s make one. Start with a pattern piece you want to add the pocket to. I am using this bodice piece here. (need help with drafting?)

 Then on the side that will be the side seam of the top, simply draw your pocket on to the side. Remember that seam allowances will make the pocket smaller so draw it larger than you want it to be in the end. This is where you could tape a pocket piece on to any pattern you like as well.

 Then cut out the pattern piece. You will want the pocket to be in the same place for the front and back piece. (or whatever the other piece is that completes the seam)

 Then with the right sides together and the pockets matching up sew along the edge just as you would when sewing the seam.

 Then leaving the pocket tucked in turn the pieces right side out and there you have a lovely hidden pocket. There is one thing further you can do, mainly for decoration, but it also secures the pocket in place.

 Iron the pocket and seam to the front piece of the garment. Then sewing through the pocket and front piece sew around the edge of the garment.

 Then when you tuck everything back in place you have the pocket stitched showing the outline of the pocket. (you could use any thread you like, I just used white so it would be easy to see)

Lovely little secured pocket.

Now go have fun with pockets. Tomorrow we will do the last pocket lesson! See you back here then.