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Hawkeye the Archer Part 2

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  1. Max

    This is amazing! It's so good to see other superhero lovers around! You're raising him so right 😀

  2. Vladlen

    Wonderful mommy! So talanted!! he looks great!!!!

  3. *Colleen

    This is a great costume! Because of the new movie, my my son wanted to dress up like that Hawkeye!<br />We even made him a bow out of PVC which is really awesome!<br />So much better than all of the cheep toy bows!<br />I am going to add this link to the bottom of my post if anyone wants ideas to make the costume <br />like the comic, the way you did!<br /><br />Heres my post, <br />http://

  4. Cherise Hug

    I love this post! My son wants to be hawkeye…and I went out and found a black pleather vest to which he answered, &quot;mom, I wanted to be the purple hawkeye! Not the one from the movie!&quot; I have been looking for something like this! I already bought him tights so I just need to make the smock and mask. Thanks for making it look simple. I should be able to whip this up in a couple hours!

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