So yesterday I shared the first part of Jude’s halloween costume. Today is part two. I want to admit something, I wasn’t thrilled about his costume choice. I wasn’t really sure who this archer guy was until he showed me. So in the desire to just keep halloween costumes cheap (I mean 20+ dollars for something they wear one night? no thank you) I kept his outfit as simple as possible while adding all the identifiable pieces. Both the outfit and the mask and cap from yesterday could be easily adapted to fit any super hero costume.

 So to start I just took a rectangle, I folded the rectangle at the top and cut the neck opening. The width was from shoulder to shoulder with a few added inches, and the length was from the shoulder to where the “skirt like loin cloth” should end for the character.

 Then I added the details in this case some purple stripes running down each side.

 Once the stripes were sewn in place I folded the rectangle so the right sides were together and I sewed a line that was below the arm opening and stopped just below the waist. (this leaves it flapping at the bottom like the character) Then I simply cut away the extra.

 The pants are basically a super easy legging. I made them a little looser, and to get the pattern I just copied a pair of his long john PJ’s. Each leg is cut on the fold. Then you sew up the leg.

 Put the legs right side together and sew the “U” shape. Then fold under the top, sew a casing and put elastic in. Then you are done. Super basic.

I used a long strip of the purple to create the tie around his waist and shoulder. This tie will also hold his bow and arrow, when I either find one or cave in and make one… So there you have it. Hawkeye the Archer, and one fairly happy little boy… See you back here tomorrow for my daughters costume, which I am pretty giddy about ūüôā