sewing for boys summer wardrobe

Skinny Cuffed Trousers (and a guest post!)

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  1. Sylvie

    I could DIE over these! They are absolutely DARLING! Nice job! I'll def be giving these a try. Or three!

  2. mjb

    Love the dress and pants! Thanks for great tutorials:)

  3. Mylinh

    These are AWESOME! LOVE THEM!!

  4. Jenni

    Love that you show us how to adapt your patterns to make variations! I have the nowhere man pants pattern, and I'm going to try this. Love the skinny version — and those pockets are way cool!

  5. Emily

    Love the welt pocket and the other one. 🙂 I will have to try your faux fly method- I made a little pair of shorts for my daughter last night with a faux fly but it was a completely separate piece. . . .

  6. Chelli

    Hey Shauna! Love this tutorial. Can you share what kind of fabric you used? I made some pants in the cargo pants sew along and have been too lazy to upload the photos. They turned out really cute, esp with the topstitching and the details. The only thing I disliked about the cargo pants I made was the fabric I used. You can e-mail chelligirl1 (at) gmail (dot) com. TIA!

  7. kristin

    omigosh when i saw these first over on CINO i totally thought you bought the pants at crewcuts. they are a great design and fit him so well! you rock.

  8. Groovymama

    Soooo cool. I will definitely give this idea a try. Thanks a lot for the tutorial.<br /><br />~Trine

  9. Jessica

    THESE ARE PERFECT! Per. Fect. Thanks for the tutorial, I love them. YAY for boy sewing!

  10. thingsforboys

    great tutorial, so many good techniques used! I love skinny pants on boys, they look so cool!

  11. ginaweaver

    Thank you for the tutorial! I was inspired by it (ok, totally copied it!!) to make a pair of upcycled shorts. I blogged about them here: Thanks for demystifying the welt pocket!

  12. Max of Max California ★

    These are perfect! They look So good on! Love love love

  13. Laura Connor

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Nicmac

    HI there<br />Love your patterns and tutorials. I am an advanced beginner sewer I guess you would say. However I just cant seem to understand the waistband step above. I understand when it is flat and you overlap (like cargos). But cant visualise with the overlapped curve? Does that even make sense!! Earlier in tut you cut 2 of each front waistband piece? Am I missing something? Cheers Nicole<br

  15. administration

    Love these pants, you&#39;ve taken the fear out of this for me. My son is quite thin and lanky – he recently asked me to start making pants and shirts for him because literally nothing fits him. Also, WHERE can I get the shoes your little guy is wearing?!

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