A re-post of the Peacock tutu from Halloween
 Image sources: one two three
When I was struggling to come up with an idea for my daughter, my son suggested she be an animal. (he is so helpful) So I thought of my favorite animal and of course it has to be the beautiful, elegant and vibrant peacock.  I wanted something whimsical and fun that would still resemble the peacock. So for part of her costume I made a Peacock tutu. 
With fun bright colors and a scattering of “peacock feathers” going down the back. The tutu is nice and full in the back and bare in the front to mimic the look of a real peacock. So would you like to make one yourself?
I started by making a tutu. Which I am pretty sure everyone and their best friend has done a tutorial on how to make one, so we will skip that part. I used THIS tutorial for mine. I only put the tulle in the back of the band leaving the front empty. I did brown and tan on the sides and then it faded to blue and green in the middle. I did this to closely mimic the peacock feathers. 
Then I made some feathers for the back. 
 I started by cutting out the base of the feather in brown felt and then I cut out the shapes for the “eye” looking part of the feather. I used lime green, teal and royal blue felt for the pieces.
 Then I started by sewing the green piece to the brown piece by sewing around the edge, and then sewing lines outward for detail on the feather.
Then I just used my glue gun to glue the two blue pieces on to the feather. 
Then I tacked the feathers scattered on a ribbon. 
I added the ribbons to the back of the skirt. 
Then you are done with the peacock tutu!
It’s ready for your little one to flounce around in all day for dress up fun, or for the perfect little halloween ensemble. 
Where she is sure to look like a darling little peacock.
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