sewing for boys sewing for girls summer wardrobe

DIY Summer Collection || Sneak Peek

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  1. Julie DjuWels

    Wow ! Can't wait 🙂 All the pieces looks beautiful ! Thanks 🙂

  2. christina

    my goodness! i love them all!

  3. fanbloomingtastic

    This is so cool….looks like I'm about to get down with your tutorials for some summertime fun unselfish sewing (or more accurately selfish sewing in that I'll be making stuff for my two that I will enjoy seeing them wear ;))

  4. Kelly

    Can not wait. Everything is so cute.

  5. Mareike

    sounds fabulous, crazy, awesome, …<br />need to follow 😉

  6. GrayColors

    I am so excited! Im currently sewing up summer stuff for my 3 year old, 2 year old, and my little due in august! The 3 year old and baby need the most so im excited for new ideas!

  7. Suzanne Winter

    WOHOOO! How fun!!!!!!!!!<br />

  8. Leentje

    great! just what I need!

  9. Christina Settle

    I&#39;m so excited to see what you&#39;ve put together! I&#39;m working on summer wardrobes here as well, so hopefully I can steal some ideas from you 🙂

  10. Annelies

    WOO HOO….three bitty Granddaughters in need of LOTS of cute things for summer. This Oma cannot wait to be inspired by your blog!!! XXX

  11. ★Max California

    i&#39;m catching up on all my comments on blog posts i had saved in my feedly (for when I am pretending to sleep but am actually checking blogs 😉 ) and i LOVE this little collection! it is so fun!

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