It’s fall, which it has been established, I LOVE! So while I am still working away at filling my kids wardrobes with those special fall pieces I thought I would stop and take the time to make something for myself. I made a perfect little neck wrap. It’s not a full scarf length cause I never need anything that long. Just nice and tall and made from super cozy plaid. Perfect to wear with a long sleeve shirt when the weather is crisp, but not freezing. Then I can easily layer it under my jacket in the winter to keep my neck nice and toasty, because there is nothing worse than a cold neck. So do you want to make one? In like 5 min even… seriously it is that easy. (you could probably do a no sew on even)

 I started with this “burberry-esque” plaid that I found at Joanns. on sale for 4 bucks a yard! Yep I totally bought the rest of the bolt. It is so soft and cozy, I love it. So cut 2 strips the length and width that you want. I made mine 33 inches wide and 8 inches tall.

 Then at each end of the strip I folded the corners in so the ends came to a point. Then I cut those flaps off so I had to pointed edges.

 Then with the two strips lined up right sides together (which in this case didn’t really matter) Sew all around the edge leaving a few inches un sewn so you  can turn it right side out.

 Then turn it right side out. See the opening? Great you will want to turn the raw edge inward and press the whole thing nice and flat.

 Then top stitch around the edges which will close the opening. Lastly for decoration really I added three buttons in a row, because buttons just make everything better.

 That’s it you are done. 5 min right? One last thing if you wanted to you could add a little snap on the back side, so you could secure the flap, then it would stay in place, I like the freedom, and flow myself.

Feels good to make something for yourself every once in a while 🙂 Except having to model it after… That’s really what my shwin counter part is much better at…