Project Runway Recap

Project Runway: The Finale!

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  1. mamalusco

    I've watched PR all season and was disappointed with Victor's collection. I was really rooting for him but those black pieces just weren't great. I agree that Kimberly really pulled it together and I thought she had the best collection. Anya had great clothes for size 2 tropical-dwellers but I can't see my curvy self in any of thos looks. Joshua? Not sure how he even made the

  2. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    I have been waiting for this recap, as I couldn&#39;t wait to express my disappointment over Anya winning!!! It&#39;s not that I didn&#39;t like her collection, I actually did. And girl has some serious sense of style, is gorgeous, and probably the nicest one I have ever seen on the show. I love her! <br /><br />But did she deserve to win? Really? Its like the judges chose her because of

  3. Cerise

    I was actually very pleased that Anya won. The whole line made me want to go on a tropical vacation or run away and live on the beach. <br />I did NOT understand Joshua&#39;s line at all. It just seemed to be out of style and almost messy. <br />I was REALLY disappointed with Victor. He cut so many pieces that had that beautiful photo print on them. I would have loved to see more of those instead

  4. nest full of eggs

    Anya&#39;s dresses &amp; beach vibe really reminded me of Uli from season 3, but Uli didn&#39;t win 🙁

  5. Mauri

    I was so disappointed with the outcome of this season. I loved Anya, but she didn&#39;t deserve to win! The judges have harped on people so many times over the years about the quality of construction and that didn&#39;t even seem an issue when it came to Anya. I felt like each look that stepped out on the runway was a slightly different version of the one before. The only thing that made them

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