So this was a big “organize” weekend. I am a “everything has a place” person (enter my husbands laughter) My husband is a neat freak, so he likes things to just look clean and I like things to be a certain way. Normally it works out fine, and then it seems like everything just needs a gutting and organizing. So I did that over the weekend. It even spilled over onto the blog if you notice the new look, and something else that I will announce tommorow. Another thing I did was gut the kids closets. They have been over flowing with summer clothes and I was getting a little tired of sending Jude back into his room several times to “change into something warmer” I guess he is not as excited about the cooler weather as I am? Well you know what I found when I emptied his room of clothes that don’t fit and for warm weather? The poor boy has no clothes. Since the idea of literally buying him a whole new wardrobe seemed over the top, we decided on some ways to make his summer wardrobe (the pieces that still fit) work for winter. So I have a few simple ideas that will be shared the next little while to extend your summer wardrobe. They would totally work for any gender and any size. I might even work in a few for me 🙂 So let’s get started today with the easiest. Adding long sleeves to a short sleeve shirt. 

 I started with this shirt. One of Jude’s favorite shirts (can’t imagine why?) You can grab any short sleeve shirt and you will need some scraps of knit that match, (or look good together) You could also use an old shirt from the scrap pile, or check out the clearance section of stores (old navy is a favorite) and buy an XXL tee in a fun print to use for as many sleeves as you want.

 Fold the knit in half and line it up with the sleeve.I got this knit off Ebay, I used it for a Claire top as well, it was 4 something a yard but then shipping was 5 bucks so it came close to 10 for a yard (yikes!) It was a hard pill to swallow since I am cheap, but I am making the best of it. Tuck the knit into the sleeve. Cut where desired for length.
This is where if I was doing it for one of my shirts I would make the sleeves super long.

 Then with right sides together fold the sleeve and sew up the raw edge.

 Then hem the end of the sleeve. I use a double needle (and apparently thread that doesn’t match… I was too lazy to switch when I realized the cuff would be grey not cream) The double needle allows stretch and gives it that “professional” look.

 Then pin the sleeve to the shirt.

 Then I slip the sleeve onto the arm of the machine through the neck opening. and sew the sleeve in place. If you are using thread that matches you could sew along the same line and no one would ever notice.

That’s it. BAM! Long sleeve shirt for cool winter style and no need to go out shopping for a whole new wardrobe.

Jude loves his “new” shirt. I think we are both glad this one gets more use 🙂

And since the kids are a little obsessed with “matching” Abbey was sure to pick her striped Claire top and then hop into the pictures. (Holding hands was her idea and the “cool” dude decided to oblige)