Are you having unseasonably warm weather? We keep thinking that winter is here, and that maybe we will even get some snow here soon. However the days keep getting sunnier and warmer and we have been loving some fall weather! The midwest chick in me is really wanting some snow, but as long as it comes before Christmas I will be ok. So I made an indian summer tunic for Abbey which is a twist from my favorite summer tunic. Remember the chevron tunic? Well this go around I added sleeves.

 I still love the buttons down the back…

 And the little cuffs on the sleeve. But who can resist a big circle neck line?

 So as I said I followed the same idea HERE only like the original pattern I did have the circle go all the way to the shoulder and I cut in a neckline. Then I cut out a sleeve piece, and cut a triangle slit in the bottom edge. I made a small facing for the slit.

 Then with right sides together I sewed the facing to the slit.

 Then turn the facing to the back.

 At this point you should have the tunic front and back sewn. Then instead of finishing the arm openings, you will sew your sleeves in place…

 Like so.

 Then with right sides together sew the arms and sides together. (following the black lines)

 Then with a rectangle folded length wise I sewed the raw edge to the bottom of the sleeve. I folded under the edges that hung over the edge.

 Then top stitch the cuff in place.

 Sew some buttons on the cuffs to secure the flaps.

 The last thing I did was I added the buttons to the back (real this time) I also made a felt dahlia flower for the front.

 I love the oversized neckline.

 Textural flower, and sweet cuffs.

 The perfect little top for enjoying the last little bit of fall weather.