Today I will show you how to make the cape, from my project run and play entry. I had no idea really how to make a cape so I just made up how I wanted it to be made, it turned out great, and easy to make. 
I don’t have the best picture of how to make the pattern so I will have to describe it. I made basically the same pattern I made for my tree skirt. The only difference is the neck opening should be a little larger and the length down the side is the length from the shoulder to where I wanted the cape to end on my daughter. Again I did a cropped length so she wouldn’t look like she was drowning in fabric, and the cropped look is something I really like but you can make it however long you like. Then I cut out a basic hood shape. I looked at a few hoodies my son had to get a feel of the shape they are and eyeballed it. Basically they should be flat on one side rounded on the other and rounded at the neck. The whole hood should have enough width to cover the side of your child’s head. (or yours if you are making this for you)
Next you are cutting out 2 semi circles from the circle pattern (cut 2 each of lining and outer material) Cut on right on the fold and cut one a little over from the edge not on the fold this is to add in for the overlap in the front. Also cut 2 of each fabric for the hood.   

start by sewing together the semi circles and the “shoulder” seams (connecting the pieces)
DO this with both the outer and layer pieces.

Then sew the hood pieces together along the curved edge.

Then sew the hood to the cape, right sides together and match the seam of the hood to the middle of the back piece.
Then you should have two pieces that look like this. (the outer piece and lining piece)

with right sides together pin the layers together.Then starting at the bottom edge of the front piece sew them together up and around the hood and down the other side. Don’t sew the bottom edge of the cape you need that open. 

turn it right side out and topstitch along the edge.

Next we will add the elastic. The elastic helps it to stay closer to the body and look more fitted than a typical cape. To make casings for the elastic start by measuring up the front of the cape to where you would like the elastic for me this was 5 inches. Put a pin marking the spot. Move over along the bottom of the cape and mark another pin that measures up 5 inches. You want to keep marking with pins because you want to go with the curve of the cape. 

When you are done you should have something like this. ( I made mine about 7 inches long) 

Then I used my pins to guide my foot and sewed a line along the curve.

Next lay your elastic down along the line you just sewed (you can’t really see it in the picture but it is above the elastic) and place pins below marking the bottom of the casing. Get the pin really close since you will sew just outside them.

It’s hard to see in the picture since the thread blends right in but you sew using the pins as your guide and you have two sewn lines that become your casing. Do this for both sides in front.

I did the same thing in the back, I just started and stopped at the same place I stopped in front. and it spans the whole back.

Then since the bottom of the cap is still open you should be able to guide elastic (half the measurement of the slot, so mine was 7 inches my elastic was 3.5 inches long) sew the elastic in place and both ends and that’s it.
Now you can hem the bottom by turning both ends under. Which I did not take a picture of sorry.

Next let’s add the buttons. A regular button hole may be fine and then you can do button holes on one side and the buttons on the other, but I did mine a little different.Mainly because my button holes don’t always turn out and I didn’t want to ruin the cape… To make them this way I cut a rectangle out of the lining fabric. Place the button down and mark the sides.

The marks should be just larger than the button but not by much.

Next sew a small rectangle that connects the two marks.

Then cut a slit. 

Put the fabric through the slit so it is in the back

Fold under all the flaps and sew around the rectangle.

That’s it button holes you can’t screw up. Sew on the buttons and you are done with you cape. If you sew buttons on both side of the cape then it would be reversible and then you have two capes in one. (sweet deal)