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The Cape

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  1. Sharon

    Very cute! I will have to try this, thanks for sharing!

  2. Tara

    Oh I love the cape because of its elastic piece, it makes the cape be not-a-normal-cape. Your lil girl looks great in this.

  3. Jessica & Tracie

    I have to admit when I saw the cape I thought, that is going to be difficult. But it really wasn&#39;t it looks so cute and easy to make! I may just have to try it. Although here in AZ I&#39;m not really sure we are ever going to get cold. It seems to be warming up already!<br /><br />Love and Hugs, Jess

  4. casserole

    That&#39;s SO cute! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:<br /><br /><br />–Anne

  5. saffiertje

    sooooo cute!!! I think I am goning to make one to try this weekend… Shopping with the girls is cancelled so…sewing tim!

  6. Teri Marshall

    Just love it so cute!! I going to make this for my granddaughter for next winter..

  7. Rosie Souter

    This is soo cute! Looks hard at start, but so easy after reading! I may have to make this at some point! Now, only just need to have a little girl!

  8. Brian Shea

    I&#39;m a little confused about the semi-circles. It doesn&#39;t look like you have a seam down the middle indicating two quarters of a circle sewn together. Is it one half circle, and two quarters of a circle? Thanks!

  9. Maja Hampon

    I want to make this for a friend but I don&#39;t have children of my own to measure the pattern on. Do you know where I could find the measurements for the neck and length of the cape and height of the hood?

  10. Nirojaa Ananthakumar

    Hi, I was wondering what material you used for the outer and inner pieces?

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    […] Here’s something to wear as an outerwear. Get the sewing pattern for the winter cape here. […]

  12. Linda

    Now I see the comments I realize that this pattern is an oldie. But it works for me anyway! Thanks for this from the Netherlands 🙂

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