My daughter needed a dress. Both of my kids have gone through serious growth spurts suddenly and when we got them dressed for church it was truly embarassing. They looked like the most rag-a-muffin bunch with clothes that looked 2 sizes to small. Why do they do this? I swear one day everything fits fine and then next they are popping out of every seam and their pants turn into shorts. So my daughter was in need of some new dressy clothes. Normally I go skirt and shirt but I like the ease of a dress, no matching tops and bottoms just throw one on. There is nothing better than a simple dress. So I whipped up a simple bodice and bubble skirt with pleated details. Simple comfy and easy. I may even make one for myself… if I get around to it. So let’s make one shall we?

 Let’s start with the bubble skirt. Cut out one band that fits comfortably around the waist and hip. I made mine about 5 inches thick but basically you want it to be quite a bit shorter than the actual skirt length. Then you will cut a rectangle that is wider (about 2 as wide or more) and for the length determine how long you want the skirt to be and the height of both strips together should be twice the length of the skirt. (cause it will be folded…) I hope that made sense…

 Then I cut out a basic bodice front and back, and two sleeves. (need help drafting?) For the back add an inch or so for overlap so that you can put buttons in. I also made the sleeves a slightly longer short sleeve. I made the top bodice out of fleece since I had lots of scraps laying around after making the Abbey Jacket

 Now to make the skirt you will gather one edge of the larger rectangle and sew it to the smaller rectangle (need help gathering?)

 Then with right sides together fold the skirt in half and sew up the side.

 Then fold the skirt so all the seams are on the inside and the raw edges are together at the top. Pleat the larger outer layer to fit the inside smaller skirt. sew the pleats in place. Skirt piece done! (you could just add an elastic waist band and stop here with just a pleated bubble skirt if you wanted)

 for the bodice I started by sewing the front and back pieces together at the shoulders.

 Then I cut out some neck facing and sewed it at the shoulders as well (need help with facing?)Sew the facing to the right side of the neckline. Then turn it around to the back and top stitch in place.

 Then we will sew the sleeves into the arm curves. Like so. (I added some little pleats up at the top.)

 Then with right sides together sew up the sides of the bodice and the sleeves.

 Then sew the bodice to the skirt overlapping the back flaps.

 Then I sewed a rectangle to the right side of the back bodice opening. Then I turned it around to the inside and top stitched in place. I did this to create a thicker layer for the button holes.

 Then sew on buttons and button holes. (need help with the fabric covered buttons?)

 Now the dress could be done, but I wanted to add a simple little bow to the front for an added touch. To so this I took a rectangle and folded it length wise and sewed down the edge.

 Then turn it right side out and center the seam to the middle back.

 Then fold the sides in so that they overlap in the back.

 Then sew to secure.

 Then cut a smaller rectangle and fold in the edges.

 Pinch the folded rectangle and then wrap the small strip around the center. Stitch to secure in the back.

 Then you have a cute little bow. I left the string on the bow so I could sew it to the dress.

 Then sew the bow on and done. A super simple dress with lovely little details.

 Like a sweet little bubble hem and pleated waist.

And I lovet he buttons down the back with a nice little pop of interest.