sewing for girls

“vest” Friends! (the girl vest)

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  1. LaPantigana

    Menuda preciosidad, tanto el chaleco como la modelo.<br />Un abrazo

  2. Vixen

    Completely adorable!! Love love love it! I featured it on my facebook page..

  3. Vladlen

    Aww!! So cute!! They are lovely! And lovely story!! =))

  4. Jessica

    I love the ruffles on her vest! So cute. I&#39;m also a big fan of the pin stripe. The trick on the vests I learned was to sew the lining and outer pieces right sides together everywhere except side seams and shoulder seams. Then with back piece inside out, you insert the two fronts inside the back, then line it up and sew the shoulder seams and sides. At this point it&#39;s all sewn shut,

  5. katerinka

    Good idea for scool!- thank you very ! I love it!

  6. Katrine

    Adorable! If only I had boy and girl twins to make such cute vests

  7. cameronhomemade

    My daughter will love this – by some miracle, she loves anything I sew for her. And, I really need to add to that category, as the one blue dress that currently fits has to be washed sometimes, right? Thanks for the super easy-looking pattern – can&#39;t wait to try it!

  8. Amethyst

    I&#39;m in the process of making this vest right now, as part of a Hallowe&#39;en costume for my youngest. Thanks so much for all the info on simple drafting techniques. I tried three different patterns i found around the web, and none of them even came close to fitting well. Her favourite t-shirt and 15 minutes was all it took to draft a well-fitting pattern.<br /><br />Again, thanks!

  9. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for this… I am a teenage cosplayer in desperate need of a vest like this… the pattern worked perfectly!!

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